4 Ways to Make Sure Your Roof Is Ready for Colder Weather

Winter roof preparation in MD Preparing A Roof For Winter In Md

The kids are shuffling off to school, summer plans are behind us, and the holidays are coming up fast. All of this can mean just one thing: colder, wet weather will be here before you know it.

We know winter isn’t exactly upon us, so why bring up the topic now?

As with many home improvement projects, the key to successfully protecting your home’s roof is to plan ahead. You’ll thank yourself when the winds are howling and the snow is piling up thick and fast.

#1: Remember, It Isn’t Too Late for Roof Repair or Replacement

Roofing is not a summer-only project; your professional roofer can work right into the cold months. For more in-depth answers to common concerns homeowners have, please take a look at this overview of why wintertime roofing is more than possible.

Is your roof showing its age? Here are 7 warning signs you want to keep a close eye on.

#2: Is Your Home’s Ventilation System Ready for Winter?

Your home needs to breathe!

Stifling the flow of air can lead to lessened efficiency, ice dams, shorter life for your roofing materials, and even water damage within your home. We recommend a soffit to ridge system, allowing the natural thermal effect of hot air rising to release trapped heat in your attic space. For more about the benefits of ventilation as a whole, be sure to check out this overview.

#3: Keep Your Gutters Clear This Fall

Clogged gutters are easy to overlook but they can wreak havoc, especially when they become impacted and frozen in the winter. Your home counts on your gutter system being able to safely and effectively draw water away from the structure.

If you aren’t a fan of periodically clearing out your gutters and downspouts, we suggest looking into gutter guards. They aren’t all created equal, however, so be sure to read these tips for finding the best option.

#4: Consider a Roof Inspection for Your Peace of Mind

Contact your trusted, local roofing company and ask about a roof inspection. A clean bill of health can help you rest easy! Or, if there is an opportunity for repair or improvement, it’s always best to catch it early rather than when a failure of some sort occurs.

It may be a cliche, but “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” rings more true than ever when it comes to your Maryland home’s roof. Taking a proactive approach is always the wisest and most cost-effective strategy in the long-run!

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