Bringing Unique Shingle Colors to This Roof Replacement in Arnold, MD

Bringing Unique Shingle Colors to This Roof Replacement in Arnold, MD

If a homeowner considering a roof replacement asked us for one essential piece of advice, we might have to say, “Know your options.

Too many times a roofer is picked nearly at random (always research and carefully choose your professional!), and then shingles are selected according to budget, recommendation, or both.

There’s really nothing wrong with picking shingles this way, but it can create a lost opportunity. Even if you’re on a tight budget, it’s crucial to step back, take a deep breath, and remember that you’re about to make a big investment in your home. You want a product that is going to serve you and your property well (and increase value), while also meet your aesthetic needs and goals.

That brings us right back to the importance of knowing your options. The last thing you want is to have a “I wish I had...” moment three months after your new roof is installed.

To show you a real-life example, join us for this quick project tour!

Colorful Shingles - Did You Know They Exist?

You have likely seen shingles spanning the spectrum of grey to black to brown, but did you know that there are other choices out there?

As our client was exploring their options, we opened them to a world of color. Specifically, they chose “Summer Harvest,” from Owens Corning’s Duration Designer line. As you can see, they bring a gorgeous quality and unique beauty to the home. It pops, while still coordinating nicely with the surrounding colors and environment.

What Else Did This MD Roof Installation Involve?

In addition to expanding our client’s colorful horizons, we navigated a few other unique elements:

  • We corrected their ventilation system, returning it to the manufacturer’s specs
  • The house was positioned on a steep drop-off next to a river
  • Project containment and cleanliness is always important to us, but because of the proximity of the river this took on a fresh level of importance

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