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How Do You Find a Reputable Roofer in Maryland?

It would be nice if all service professionals were completely honest and had only your best interests in mind. But the truth is, every field has less-than-reputable members.

While we never advocate a cynical perspective (and still believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt), it is important to know what to look for when trying to find a pro you can trust. We can’t help you find a top-quality dentist or stellar plumber (sorry!), but we can tell you what to look for in a roofing professional regardless of where you live.

1. Make Sure Your Roofer Is Insured

This isn’t just a safety measure (as important as it may be). Being insured is an indicator that your roofer is operating a responsible business, respects your property, and is looking out for the well-being of all involved.

2. Don’t Only Consider Price

Let’s face it: tiny operations with little overhead will nearly always offer you a lower price. Keep in mind, however, that as cliche as it sounds, you get what you pay for. Investing more money in an established, local roofing company that will stand by their warranties and reputation is extremely worthwhile. Your roofer should feel like an ally; someone who is just a call away should you run into an emergency.

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3. Clear Estimates and Job Details

A proposal should never be fuzzy or vague. No matter how well you know your roofer or trust them, a clear estimate for services is a guarantee that you will be on the same page and helps to cut down on misunderstandings. And, should there ever be a lack of clarity, the document will be there for reference. If your prospective roofing company shows any hesitation to deliver a clear summary of services, that should be a red flag.

4. Look for a Roofer Who is Certified By a Reputable Manufacturer

If a major manufacturer certifies a roofing company, that should offer you peace of mind. An affiliation like that means that the manufacturer is putting a stamp of approval on that roofer, and is confident in their skills and expertise.

As a real-world example, we at RoofPRO are certified by both CertainTeed and GAF. Being a certified installer not only is a valuable credential, but it also allows us to offer unique benefits to our clients.

5. Will Your Roofer Repair, Or Just Replace?

While a full replacement may be more lucrative for the roofing company, it’s not always what you need as a homeowner. Finding a professional who is interested in meeting your needs in a practical way is important; skimping on a process is never helpful, but creative problem-solving certainly is.

6. Finally, Look for a Focus On Communication

Clear communication is an essential ingredient in a successful project, large or small. You should never feel rushed or ignored! Start by calling the roofer you may hire and simply discuss your needs and concerns.

If you live in Baltimore or the Washington metro area, we hope you’ll contact us at RoofPRO! It would be our pleasure to answer your questions and learn more about the project you have in mind.

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