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Should You Replace Your Own Roof Or Hire a Professional?

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Especially here in the land of the free and home of the brave, we like to tackle projects ourselves. You know, buy some new tools, watch a couple of Youtube videos, maybe pay an “experienced” friend with pizza to help out, and take a flying leap into home improvement.

In some cases, this is great. It’s genuinely satisfying to learn new things and feel that sense of accomplishment that comes from doing a job yourself.

The key, however, is to really weigh the pros and cons of DIY adventures before you begin, and not just factor in what the savings would be if everything went off without a hitch.

Roofing is a perfect example of this. As a professional roofing company, we understand that attraction to doing work yourself (we’re homeowners too, after all!). But we also have seen firsthand what can happen when you get in a little too deep.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before a DIY Roofing Project

DIY Roofing

  • How well do you understand the nature and components of a complete roof system? This is much more complicated than the average homeowner realizes. For a quick but thorough introduction, take a look at this intro to roof repair basics from Popular Mechanics.
  • Have you considered all of your material and product options? A professional roofer can guide you through the endless possibilities, providing cost-comparison and their own experiences and recommendations along the way.
  • Do you have the right tools? If not, this can be a large cost in itself. Ladder, hammers, shovels, pry bars, nail gun, saws, and the list goes on, depending on the depth of your replacement.
  • Are you physically able? Roofing calls for a huge amount of carrying and lifting, often while climbing ladders.
  • Do you have a firm grasp on safety? For obvious reasons, being able to work carefully and with the right safety equipment is absolutely essential. Potentially saving some money pales in comparison to the value of your health and wellbeing.
  • Do you have the time? The actual amount of time necessary depends completely on the nature and size of your replacement, but it’s still a major investment regardless of the project’s scope.
  • Do you have a plan for cleanup? Stripping shingles is messy! Your professional roofing company, on the other hand, will be able to dispose of your shingles and scrap materials for you.

Here’s one final, essential question: what is the cost of a roofing error?

In other words, what happens if your roof is finished and then begins to leak during the next rainstorm (or worse yet, snowstorm)? Having the problem assessed and corrected adds an extra expense, and is a more common necessity than you might realize. At no fault of your own, an essential technique, material, or step could be overlooked that makes all the difference.

Is Roofing Worth Leaving to Professionals?

In our honest opinion, it is.

We wish you the best of luck in all your home improvement endeavors, but we do encourage you to thoroughly count the cost and consider every possible result. Roofing is serious business!

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