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Why Is the Attic Insulation in Your Maryland Home So Important?

Attic insulation Attic Insulation

With a bit more of a chill in the air than we had a month or two ago, many Maryland homeowners like you are finding ways to maximize their dollars invested in heating. From window replacements to more efficient furnaces, there are a lot of valuable, strategic ways to do this.

One that is easily overlooked, however, is simply making sure that you have adequate attic insulation.

Insulating Your Attic - How Can It Help You Save?

The warm air in your house is an escape artist, and naturally travels toward cooler environments.

While you may successfully slow down its exit with modern windows and doors, and even through quality wall insulation, it still will rise up through your home and find its way inevitably into the attic. The key is to block its path as much as possible, keeping the warmth down where you can enjoy and use it.

The other danger of letting too much warmth accumulate in your attic is the fact that it will create a pocket of heat, especially if snow (a fantastic insulator!) is on your roof. This hot pocket (no relation to the food) can cause a host of issues.

Because of this risk, it’s important to pair thorough attic insulation with an optimized ventilation system. This not only increases the efficiency of your home overall, but also allows your attic to breathe in a way that reduces the risk of ice dams, water damage, premature roof system failure, mold, mildew, and more.

Attic Insulation Professionals

There are a variety of insulation options available. We suggest talking to a roofing and insulation expert to determine which choice will best serve you, your home, and the needs of your specific attic.

Your home (and your budget) will thank you this winter!

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