Why Keep the Gutters and Flashing in Good Repair Around Your Maryland Home?

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As we’ve mentioned before, your home’s roof system is a complex, breathing structure that plays an invaluable role in keeping your property protected and efficient. Even its less glamorous components have important jobs to do.

Your flashing and gutters, for example, are vital players on the team, but can be easy to overlook.

What Exactly Do Your Gutters and Flashing Do for Your Home?

For a more in-depth look, be sure to click over to this blog we wrote on the topic of flashing and its role.

In short, however, both your flashing and gutters have the crucial job of drawing water away from your home. The flashing protects vulnerable channels and seams, and the gutters are the actual transportation system.

Even relatively simple repairs to this water removal network can be hugely valuable. As an example, the photos above show how we added a metal barrier that kept water from flowing directly off the shingles and instead guided it down to the gutter system. Preventing this kind of run-off helps your gutters to perform their essential work, and protects against the damage that water around the base of your home can cause.

This damage can include higher moisture levels in the basement, foundation damage, premature deterioration of siding and fascia, to name just a few threats.

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