4 Ways Energy Efficient Windows Make a Difference

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With cooler weather just around the corner, now is a great time to take a look at the windows in your home. While you may have been keeping them open for that late summer breeze, soon enough it’ll be time to batten down the hatches!

Your windows are front-line defenders against outside elements like rain, snow, frost, and wind. Unfortunately for homeowners, ill-fitting or old windows can account for some major energy losses! Because of their direct exposure to the outdoors, windows can be some of the biggest culprits of heat transfer, costing you more every month in your utility bill.

Energy Star windows are a great way to fight back against heat loss. Each part of these windows is designed to minimize the transfer of heat, and they undergo extensive testing to ensure they meet certain standards. The best part? They come in all makes and models, ensuring they fit your home perfectly and match your style!

4 Ways That Energy Star Windows Offer Superior Value

  1. Framing - Superior framing materials are key. They hold the window securely in place and ensure a tight seal between your window frame and the glass. This seal keeps the moisture out and the heat inside, where it belongs.

  2. Multiple Panes - Single pane windows offer little insulation from the elements. With two or more panes, cold air has a much harder time passing through. Some Energy Star windows include nontoxic gasses like argon between the panes, providing even greater insulation.

  3. Edge Spacers - Spacers are built into the seams of energy efficient windows, fitting snugly between the glass and the frame. Spacers keep things tight, preventing cool air from coming up beneath the glass.

  4. Coated Glass - Some Energy Star windows have glass that’s been coated with a special protectant. While traditional glass absorbs temperature, glazed windows reflect heat back into your home.


You Don’t Need to Sacrifice Style for Efficiency!

When it comes to energy efficient windows, there are all kinds of style choices out there. We work around your needs, whether that means installing custom trim or specially designed panes. You can have a more efficient home in the wintertime, save on your utilities, and enjoy a set of sleek new windows in your style of choice!

Window Replacement Experts in Maryland

How are the windows looking in your home? If you’ve had some issues with damaged or unsatisfactory windows, it might be time to consider an upgrade before the winter hits. Reach out to your local window replacement experts today!

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