6 Important Signs That Your Roof Needs Attention This Spring

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We’re firm believers that proactive care is the best kind of care.

It’s proven itself over and over again as the most cost-effective approach, whether you’re discussing maintaining your car, your own personal health, or even your roof.

While we provide roofing services year round, carefully navigating the weather to protect your home and our team, spring is a wonderful time to assess any damage that winter may have left behind. Call it Old Man Winter’s parting gift, if you’d like.

So, what should you look for this spring?

Is Your Maryland Roof Showing Any Signs of Trouble?


Before we dive into these tips, we need to advise against visually inspecting your roof yourself. Walking around on top of your home without the right training and equipment not only puts yourself in harm’s way, but it also can result in unnecessary roof damage and strain.

If you’re tempted to take on a roof repair or replacement project yourself, we encourage you to click over to this article first. Just some food for thought!

Now, back to those tips.

#1 Lifting Shingles

Most commonly caused by high winds, the edges of your shingles can start to lift in places. While this may not seem like a big deal at first, the problem is that it opens the door to moisture intrusion. One way we’ve explained this threat in other articles is by comparing it to unzipping your jacket. You may still technically have your jacket on, but the protection it provides is far less effective.

#2 Missing Granules

It’s easy to miss just how important these little granules are for your asphalt shingles, protecting the surface from UV damage, adding essential weight, and more. If they’re piling up in your gutters, it’s time for an assessment of your roof’s overall condition.

#3 Missing Shingles


This goes without saying, but we’ll still include it for the sake of being thorough. If shingles have blown into your yard or are visibly torn/missing, it’s essential to call a professional roofing company. Your home is at risk!

#4 Are Your Gutters Clear and Functional?

April showers bring May flowers, but they also can bring disaster to your home if the drainage system is compromised. Checking for clogs, debris, and damage is crucial.

#5 Is Your Roof Looking Like the Bottom of a Boat?

Growth of algae and fungus may seem harmless enough, but it’s actually an insidious problem that will compromise the integrity of your roof and underlayment. The good news is that sometimes all that’s needed is a thorough, professional roof cleaning.

For example, take a look at the transformation we created for this local home.

Roof Cleaning

#6 How Does Your Flashing Look?

The protective materials around your chimney and skylights should be in good repair, providing an effective seal against moisture. Again, this is something we suggest you leave in the hands of an experienced professional.

Why Is It Worth Hiring a Professional Roofer?

Your home is too important to leave to chance, or to risk missing something essential. A reputable professional knows where to look, how to navigate your needs and budget, and can help you put together an actionable plan to maintain and protect this essential system.

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