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As a Maryland roofing company, we typically advise our clients to avoid having a hole in their roof at all costs. If one should develop, we’ll head right on over and repair it.

In the case of skylight installation, however, we sing a slightly different tune.

Why Install a Skylight in Your Home?

In most cases, homeowners like yourself are looking for ways to add light and ventilation. A skylight’s upward angle allows for consistent, effective lighting that can ultimately save energy costs by reducing the need for lamps and overhead options. And, it really is tough to beat the natural warmth and ambience the sun offers, especially for rooms that otherwise are out of its reach for most hours of the day.

The ventilation is also a benefit, particularly as heat collects along the ceiling. Opening a skylight offers an escape for trapped hot air, and an entrance point for a welcome breeze.

Are Skylights Leaky?

This used to be more of a concern than it is today.

Like most elements of your home, advances in design and technology have allowed for the development of vastly superior products.

We also recommend routine roof inspections and maintenance. For extra peace of mind, these checks can include monitoring the condition of your skylight’s flashing. There is no reason for it to leak if it is in good repair and was installed correctly.

Will Skylights Improve Energy Efficiency?

Skylight Installation Maryland

If you choose the right skylight, location, and features, then yes. A skylight can definitely improve your home’s energy efficiency. Here’s how:

Natural cooling - As we touched on above, you can allow the trapped summertime heat to escape right through the roof.

Strategic glazing - Depending on your goals, you can choose a skylight that absorbs solar heat, preventing it to a large degree from entering your home, or encourages it (for natural warmth). The technology here is almost endless, allowing you to knowledgeably choose the right design, shape, glaze, and tint to achieve your specific goals. Here’s a closer look at the options and benefits, courtesy of

Free lighting - Skylights are a wonderful source of consistent, even lighting that won’t cost you a red cent.

Should You Install a Skylight Yourself, or Hire a Professional?

For the reasons we mentioned above, we recommend working with a professional skylight installer. This is your opportunity to find an option that really works for your home, and an experienced pro can help with that. You also won’t want to risk the hazards of a poor quality installation - no matter how handy, thrifty, or confident you might be, there is no margin for error when it comes to installing a window in your roof.

If you live in Maryland, give us a call at RoofPRO! Not only are we experienced, but we also are certified by Velux, a premier skylight manufacturer. We look forward to serving you!

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