Did Your Roof Sustain Storm Damage? Here Are 4 Signs That You May Be Missing

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After a storm or high winds (like we’ve experienced recently here in Maryland), most homeowners head outside and do a quick check of their property.

So, what do you look for?

Branches laying across the roof, broken gutters, torn or dislodged shingles, damaged flashing, etc... Those are all good things to check for, especially if the damage requires filing an insurance claim to connect with you with coverage for repairs.

Unfortunately, however, a lot can be going on that doesn’t immediately meet the eye. Less obvious signs of damage go unnoticed, creating longer-term issues and the need for more extensive repairs down the road.

Hidden Signs of Roof Damage - Not All Damage Is Obvious!

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Loss of Granules

Did you know that your asphalt shingles are covered in granules? These essential little components are easy to overlook, but they work hard for you and your home, protecting the surface from UV rays and inclement weather. If there are a substantial number of granules in your downspout or scattered around the perimeter of your home, it’s definitely time to call your roofing company.

Shingles Damaged by Hail

The exact look of the damage differs a bit depending on the type of roof you have, but it will be obvious to an experienced eye. Dents, bruises, and broken edges may not be immediately visible from the ground either, so don’t trust a simple walk-around of your home. The surface really needs to be examined closely.

Lifting Shingles

Shingles that are in the yard are an undeniable sign of trouble, but lifting shingles might not be as obvious right away. Or, you might assume that they just aren’t worth worrying about.

The truth is, if your shingles lift, it’s a bit like your home’s equivalent of unzipping a jacket. The jacket may not be off completely, but when wind and rain come again you’re certainly not going to have the same level of protection. Water will blow up underneath, causing moisture damage to the underlayment.

Dented Gutters and Flashing

From the ground you might be able to spot damaged or dislodged gutters and flashing, but how about dented surfaces? Left unchecked, this kind of less noticeable damage will only grow. Your insurance company will require swift action and a clear assessment of storm damage.

Talk To Our Insurance Restoration Division About Your Storm Damage in Maryland

We are an experienced, trusted local roofing company, and it would be our pleasure to put our expertise to work for you. Proactive assessments and working diligently with your insurance company are essential after a storm, and we can help with both. Contact us today!

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