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Improve Your Maryland Home’s Value with These Upgrades

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When it comes to maximizing the value and marketability of your Maryland home, it’s important to step outside yourself for a minute and into the mind of your prospective buyer. What are their potential concerns, red flags, and pain points, and how can you address them before they even have a chance to develop?

It can be tough to do this, especially when you are ready to simply move on to your new home. Investing a bit in your property now, however, can pay you back in a big way later, particularly when you focus on key projects that yield high returns on investment.

Keep these in mind!

Home Improvement Projects That Offer a Strong ROI

Home Improvement Projects

  1. New or Repaired Roof - You might think we’re saying this just because we’re roofers, but that’s really not the case. The truth is, your roof system in its entirety is one of the largest systems in your home. It can either provide protection, peace of mind, and value, or can be a looming to-do/expense that a prospective buyer simply doesn’t want to deal with. Start by having your roof thoroughly inspected, and then address those items on the report (if any!) that need attention.
  2. New Windows - Not only do old windows look drabby, but they also spell disaster for energy efficiency. Homeowners today are savvy, and they know what to look for. Investing in tight, energy-rated windows will be a major selling point for your property.
  3. New Doors - Your home’s energy envelope includes doors, and they play a larger role than they often get credit for. In fact, this extends to garage doors as well. Garage doors currently offer one of the highest returns on investment of any home improvement project (See? You learn something new every day!).

At the end of the day, it all comes down to peace of mind for your home’s future buyer. They want to see quality updates, and proof that the property has been cared for and valued. In turn, that creates more value for you as well.

And, even if you aren’t selling your home this summer, we still encourage you to consider these worthwhile updates. The value is just as valuable, and that priceless peace of mind we mentioned will be all yours to enjoy (especially when winter strikes again!).

If we can answer any more of your Maryland roofing questions, please let us know! The RoofPRO team is here to serve you.

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