Need Help Picking a Shingle Color? Don’t Miss This Roof Replacement in Clarksville, MD

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When homeowners think of ways to boost their property’s curb appeal, exterior painting and landscaping most often come to mind. Those are both important - there’s no doubt about it.

In reality, however, your roof offers an incredible opportunity for improving your home’s appearance while adding both long-term value and priceless peace of mind. And, it’s actually even more of a commitment, with many of today’s premium roofing products lasting 30-40 years (and beyond).

So, this begs an important question: how do you pick your next roof color?

5 Practical Tips for Choosing the Perfect Shingle Color

Choosing Perfect Shingle Color

Remember: you have options!

Shingles today come in a massive variety of colors and patterns, ranging from classic gray to vibrant, bold shades. We recommend taking the time to really discuss your aesthetic goals and vision with your professional roofing company, exploring the potential styles and products that you may not even be aware of.

Consider Your Exterior Paint While Picking Your Shingles

Your exterior paint and roof choice need to get along and work together. If your home has a lighter body color, a darker roof is typically a good idea. Or, if you’re walking on the more colorful, daring side with your paint, pick a roof that is more neutral and won’t compete for attention.


Avoid monochromatic colors. If your roof and home almost match, it creates a washed out effect.

Do You Have Exterior Brick or Stone?

As we mentioned above, you don’t want your exterior colors and textures to battle for attention.

If brick or stone is included in your home’s exterior construction, we would suggest considering a more subdued, contrasting shingle color, whether lighter or darker.

Check Your Shingle Color Sample in All Lighting

Your roofing company should provide a sample for you to see in real life (photos just won’t cut it). Check it in both the shade and direct sunlight to make sure you’ll like the way it looks in the varying light of day.

Keep Resale in Mind As You Pick Your Roof

A quality roofing material and installation can add a huge amount of value to your home. If you think your home will be on the market during the life of your shingles, choose a more neutral, universally-appealing shingle that won’t frighten any prospective buyers away.

A Roof Replacement in Clarksville, MD

A Roof Replacement in Clarksville, MD

Here’s an example of a well-chosen roof color.

Using GAF Timberline HD shingles, we completely replaced this Clarskville client’s tired roof. The classic, charcoal they chose looks fantastic, pairs well with the brick on the front of the home, and provides a stylish bit of contrast.

As always, if you have any further questions about your Maryland roof repair or replacement needs, please contact us at RoofPRO. It would be our pleasure to serve you!

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