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Repairing and Replacing a Flat Roof With Water Damage in Annapolis

It’s always great to come across folks using their roofs in creative ways. In one recent project, the homeowner had a second floor flat roof that ran the length of their home. There was plenty of square footage, solid reinforcement, and a waist-high picket fence for safety and decoration. All in all, a great use of space!

But there was a problem, and it’s something that can happen when flat roofs aren’t properly installed. The issue involved rainwater collection.

The Problem With Weather and Flat Roofs

Rain and snow pose a particular set of problems for flat roofs. By nature, they’re built without a noticeable gradient. When the wrong surfacing materials are used and there are no provisions made for water drainage, your flat roof can turn into a soggy space filled with puddles. Even worse, prolonged sitting water can seep into the framework, causing serious rot and dangerous structural damage

4 Step Restoration for a Damaged Flat Roof

  1. First things with any water damage restoration, we began by removing the affected area. After we removed the surfacing, we discovered that the moisture had rotted the plywood underneath. We removed all the underlying wood and began from scratch.

  2. Next, we cut and installed new plywood to form the base material. On top of the plywood, we laid down a high quality fiberboard. This serves as a non-slip membrane between the plywood and the surface layer of roofing material. It allows for air transfer, preventing moisture buildup.

  3. Next, we installed GAF Liberty rolled roofing material. This is a self-adhering membrane that seals and protects against the harsh elements. It offers a clean appearance and a durable, non-slip surface, making it one of the best choices for high traffic roofs.

  4. As part of our finishing touches, we installed a drainage system to ensure the roof had every protection in place for the future. We also spanned the fiberboard membrane around the entire wall and into the doorway to ensure maximum coverage.

Looking for Flat Roof Restoration Experts in MD?

At RoofPRO, we have extensive experience servicing all manner of roofs. Whether your roof has suffered from storm damage or routine weathering, we can handle it. Reach out to your residential roofers for all your water damage restoration needs!

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