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Replacement Siding For a Pasadena Home With Multiple Additions

Siding In Pasedena

With the increasing popularity and options surrounding rental properties, there are a lot of important decisions to be made.

One avenue homeowners are taking involves building new additions onto their home. In-law apartments, or accessory dwelling units, are an economic option when it comes to home rentals. Homeowners are able to live on-site and offer a separated portion of the home to renters.

While these additions can add value and long-term investment to your home, new construction can come with its share of headaches.

Replacement Siding for a New Addition

We recently completed a siding project for a home in Pasadena. In the past, we replaced the roofing and rear siding on this home. This time, we were replacing the siding on the front of the house.

After moving into their new home, the owners began adding to the existing structure. During the process, they discovered that the previous owners had also built an addition, but it was poorly done. While the structure was reasonably sound, they wanted to ensure it was thoroughly sealed up and protected from the elements. We installed consistent siding that spanned from the existing home to the addition.

When it Comes to New Siding, Consistency is Key!


Whether you’re looking to build an additional room to accommodate a growing family, or you want to add an attached dwelling unit, the construction should remain visually consistent. In a perfect world, no one looking at your home should know you’ve added to the existing structure!

  • The siding on this home was a slightly different material than what we were installing. We were able to closely match the texture, and we installed it with consistent spacing and technique.
  • We used CertainTeed MainStreet vinyl siding for this project, which is one of the leading brands in both style and durability.
  • After the siding, we installed raised panel shutters around the existing windows. These shutters are also vinyl, so they offer an equal level of protection while also maintaining the same visual texture as the rest of the home.

Siding Experts for Home Additions in Pasadena

Looking to have your siding replaced and matched perfectly? Our team has the professional expertise to repair or install siding for any new home or addition. Reach out to us today for your free estimate!

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