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Roof Repair: How Maryland Weather Puts Your Roof to the Test

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Maryland is a beautiful state that experiences the full gamut of weather. Bright, welcoming spring; hot (but not too hot!) summer; crisp, colorful autumn; and fresh, white winter. While all of these gorgeous seasons bring their own treats and tricks, they may leave you wondering: what will they do to my roof?

Our roofing contractors at RoofPRO are ready to help you tackle whatever Mother Nature has to throw. All forms of extreme weather can cause damage to even the highest quality roof. Being knowledgeable about what can happen is a good way to stay one step ahead of whatever weather damage might be coming.


Heavy rain causes problems to every kind of roof. Rainwater can seep under roofing and cause leaks inside your home.


High winds can affect your roof in a few different ways. Shingles – the preferred type of roofing material amongst most homeowners – are lightweight and can easily blow off if the winds are high enough. Once the shingles are gone, the underlying materials are exposed and subject to damage.

If rain follows the high winds, there could be even more trouble. Heavy rain on a vulnerable roof could cause immediate damage to your roof, walls, insulation, and ceilings.


Hail can attack your roof, causing shingles to peel back or break off, once again exposing your roofing materials and inviting damage.


Snow is tricky because you usually won’t see any problems until it begins to thaw. That’s when you may find ice dams blocking your house gutters. This can also cause damage to the inside of your home.


You can’t control the weather; that’s a fact. But you certainly can control how you react to it, for the sake of you and your home. Leave your roof problems to the professionals – trust us, it will be much easier (and safer!) for you. We will perform a full roof inspection and provide you with a quote right away so we can get to fixing your issues as soon as possible.

We are proud to offer high quality roof repair, so if you find yourself with missing shingles from a windstorm, we can get you back to looking new as soon as possible.

It is important to get your roof inspection done immediately after any sort of damaging weather event, as leaving your roof vulnerable and exposed can cause even more significant issues down the line. All in all, the quality and maintenance of your roof will play a vital role in the comfort and value of your home. We know that weather will happen no matter what, and we can only do so much to prevent damage. The best bet is to remain vigilant and be ready to call our licensed professionals at RoofPRO at the first sign of trouble. And even if there isn’t a weather event causing damage to your home, we’d be happy to help you with any roofing projects or maintenance you might be thinking about. Contact RoofPRO today!

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