Roof Replacement in Waldorf, MD - Don’t Miss This Cupola!

Roof Replacement in Waldorf, MD - Don’t Miss This Cupola!

We recently wrapped up a roof replacement project in nearby Waldorf, MD. Not only is the roof system itself beautiful, providing both style and peace of mind during these winter months, but there are a couple of extra details worth highlighting as well.

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What Kind of Shingles Did We Use for This Maryland Roof Replacement?

Our product of choice here was GAF Timberline architectural shingles.

Why choose architectural shingles? There are several distinct advantages that set them apart from standard, 3-tab options:

  • Longevity - A correctly-installed and maintained architectural shingle roof system can last up to 40 years.
  • Durability - They are heavier as well, making them more resistant to windy, wild weather.
  • Aesthetic Value - Architectural shingles look fantastic, with an almost 3-dimensional depth.
  • Long-Term Value - If you’re selling your home down the road, these shingles will be a major asset and offer a strong return on investment.

Bonus Tip:

For the best value, make sure your roofer is manufacturer-certified. This opens the door to special warranties that are not otherwise available.

Why Install a Cupola?

As you can see in our photo above, we also installed a 24” by 24” cupola, topped (of course) by a weathervane.

What are the benefits of this extra addition?

As we’ve mentioned numerous times in other roofing blogs and literature, an attic or loft space needs to breathe freely for your roof system to last as long as possible. A cupola offers just that: ventilation for the space beneath, reducing trapped heat and moisture in the process.

Can We Answer Your Maryland Roofing and Maintenance Questions?

It would be our pleasure! Contact us at RoofPRO today to discuss your specific needs, goals, and questions.

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