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Roofing Appraisal for a Storm Damage Insurance Claim in MD

Roofing Appraisal Md

We always enjoy opportunities to show our customers the ways that we can make a unique difference. Our team at RoofPRO is dynamic and highly qualified, and we believe in providing our customers with services that are above and beyond. In a recent example, we were able to help a homeowner expand her insurance claim, then we installed a brand new roof within a tight timeframe.

Storm Damage Insurance Claim


Our customer’s home had been damaged by a violent rainstorm. Before beginning any repairs, we sent representatives to meet with both the customer and the insurance adjuster, to help negotiate the best possible outcome for her.

There are plenty of situations where insurance adjusters can miss details or specific areas of damage because they aren’t familiar with the many facets of construction. Our representatives are trained and experienced, and are able to recognize aspects that might expand the scope of necessary work, and, in turn, add to the value of the insurance claim. This is something we’re happy to do for our customers when the need arises.

Assessing the Damage, Making the Repairs

In our assessment of the storm damage, we noticed that the original valleys had no ice and water shield flashing.This is a type of underlayment that is installed beneath the shingles to protect against ice or water buildup. When we set to work, we ensured that we met every preexisting need where the roof had been lacking.


Expert Roofing, Done When You Need It

This homeowner had a very narrow window of availability, and needed her roof completed before the month was over. We accommodated her needs, scheduling her project around our other work. Though our installation team encountered difficulty with the weather, including some high winds on the first day that slowed progress and presented some challenges, we were able to complete it within the given timeframe.

The Best Roofing Contractors in the Baltimore Area

By the end, we finished a complete installation of the complex, 6,000 square foot roof within three days. We did what we had to do to install the roof before any inclement weather hit, and the homeowner was beyond excited!

If your roof is in desperate need of some professional attention, reach out to us. We’ll handle the project with expertise, from beginning to end.

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