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What Makes for An Expertly Installed Roof in MD?

When it comes to roof repair or replacement, there’s plenty of room for error. It’s always important to seek out a licensed, insured roofing company to handle your project. You never want to mess around with the quality and sustainability of something as vital as your roof!

Hiring professionals to expertly install your roof will not only ensure long-lasting protection, but it will prevent you from having to shell out extra cash down the road to fix installation errors.

Let’s take a look at what RoofPRO does differently. We’ve included some “after” photos of a new roof we installed recently. It serves as a prime example of how to do a job right, starting with the unseen portions of the roof.

Clear Away the Damage

Clear Away the Damage

The first step in expert roof replacement is removing the rotten and damaged plywood decking beneath the shingles. When the visible areas of the roof are suffering, it almost always points to invisible damage beneath the surface. We completely removed and replaced any areas of wood that showed signs of damage or rot.

Roofing Underlayment

The next step is a quality underlayment. This weatherproof layer is the shield that protects your roof deck from all kinds of damage. There are lots of brands and materials out there, and it pays to not skimp on quality! We used a synthetic underlayment instead of the traditional felt option. This underlay not only protects the roof from ice and water damage, but allows a layer of air to circulate for added insulation.

Protective Layer of Shingles

Next comes the part everyone looks forward attractive layer of shingles. When installing new roofs, we use only the leading brands and materials. For this home, we decided on GAF HD Timberline shingles. They’re praised in the industry not only for their excellent weatherproof protection, but also for the superior resale value they offer.

Installing High Quality Gutters

Once you have a brand new roof in place, you’ll want to protect your investment as much as possible. Installing a new gutter system, in this case upgrading to six inch seamless gutters, allows for greater water flow. The more effective your gutters are, the more water you move away from your roof and your eaves, and the less you have to worry about ice dams and rot.


Your Superior Roofing Company in Baltimore, MD

We understand that some homeowners who contact us have had difficult experiences in the past with roofing companies, and this was one of those cases. To help our client feel confident in choosing us, we offered him a list of local customers whose roofs we’d completed in the past. He did his homework, and after seeing the beauty and durability of their roofs, he decided to have us handle his project.

Our roofing team strives to go above and beyond. With numerous certifications, licensing, and insurance, RoofPRO stands apart in Maryland and the DC Metro Area. Let us be your roofers, and experience nothing less than the best!

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