Can You Replace Your Roof in the Wintertime?

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The weather is changing, the days are getting shorter, and the nights are longer and colder. Most people think of spring and summer as the time to get your roof repaired and replaced.

Did you know that you can get your roof replaced in the winter? The safest way to do this is hire the right pro!

What do you need to look for in a winter roofing pro?

winter roofing

The Maryland winters can be harsh. We deal with snow, ice, sleet and rain. A good roofer will not replace your roof during precipitation! We realize the importance of keeping everything dry and protected from damaging moisture.

If there is precipitation headed your way, we will simply reschedule your roof for a time when we can remove the shingles without the fear of precipitation or damaging moisture.

Wind doesn’t have a chance against these shingles!

Winter weather often brings in cold, harsh winds. Your old shingles may get blown and tossed around, tearing off the roof and exposing the house to dangerous damage from moisture. Did you know that in the past, most shingles gave out against winds that were about 60 mph? That is also when their warranty gave out.

However, premium shingles installed by a professional roofer today often have a warranty for up to 130 mph winds! At RoofPRO, we offer the peace of mind you need during the harshest winter Maryland can throw!

Secure your shingles with properly driven nails

What about the shingle adhesive? Doesn’t it need warm weather to cure properly? This is a great question, but often a misunderstood concept. The main purpose for the self sealing adhesive strip is to help hold the shingle in place, and it does its best curing when temperatures are above 50℉.

However, the main holding strength of the shingle comes from the nail. When driven in properly, it will hold the shingle snug and tight! A proper winter roofing pro will be an expert on installing the nail correctly, and the shingles will stay secure until the warm weather of spring allows the second layer of protection - the adhesive - to cure.

Safety first

Replacing a roof in the winter can look like a dangerous task. However, the professional roofers at RoofPRO have all of the safety equipment needed to protect themselves while installing your new roof! Safety for our crew, and for your home, is our first concern.

While we are skilled in the installation of roofs over the winter, certain types of roofs, such as low slope or flat roofs, must be evaluated. Some low slope and flat roofs can be installed over the winter months, especially if they can be fastened into place mechanically.

Let's tackle your roof this winter

Is your roof looking shabby, and you aren’t sure that it will make it through another winter? If not, it’s time to look around for a skilled, professional roofing company who will get the job done right. From recommendations to fit the need for your house, to driving the nails in place to keep your shingles tight, the importance of a knowledgeable, and skilled pro can’t be overemphasized!

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