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How to Tarp A Roof

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We never want to think about the true destructive power of Mother Nature, and in reality, we manage pretty well with the appropriate cautions. When a storm is due here in the Maryland/DC area, we’ve learned to stock up and hunker down to ride out storms and the occasional hurricane. More importantly, our roofers are experts on how to tarp a roof. We'll ensure you don't have leaks while you wait for the next step of your repair or replacement. But when your roof is damaged, all bets are off as you scramble to protect the home beneath. In the spirit of know it before you need it, here’s a brief guide to emergency tarping and how it can save your home.

How to Tarp a Roof: Professional vs DIY

How to tarp a roof on a pitch
  1. Unroll the tarp near the damaged area.
  2. Pull the tarp over the leaking section of your roof.
  3. Make sure the tarp is tight.
  4. Secure the tarp to cover the affected area.
  5. Wrap the tarp using strips of wood to prevent leaks.
  6. Use anchor board to securely fasten the tarp.
  7. With a cordless drill, affix the tarp in place over the leaking roof.

At RoofPRO, high quality work is our priority, especially when your home is at risk for leaks.

It may seem like that blue tarp you picked up at the big box store will be all you need to protect your home, but most are not nearly big enough to cover the roof of your home. Emergency tarping done by a local professional is a smarter choice. Not only does your roofing professional know how to tarp a roof, but they also have both the skills and the experience to get you covered and protected, fast.

Professionals Have All the Tools

When we experience storms with widespread damage, a trip to the hardware store can be frustrating. We’re all looking for the same thing, and making do when we learn that what we need is sold out. Professional roofers have everything they need on hand for true emergency service from tarps to deck screws. Even though we know our supplies are high quality, we strive to preserve the tarps that are used on your property. We would not walk on a tarp unless it was absolutely necessary. In this way, hiring a professional roofer to install an emergency tarp gives peace of mind.

A simple phone call gets the process started. If you've considered, "how do I tarp a roof?" you may want to have a professional secure your roof since it covers your belongings and/or family in your home below.

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Professional Roofers Can Assess Damage Immediately

When you choose a roofing professional that offers emergency tarping services, you’re also choosing someone that can inspect your roof and give you a damage estimate immediately. A quality evaluation and subsequent tarping within 5 business days means your home will be protected while you work out the details with your insurance company. And having that estimate in hand from the very beginning will make the process easier and quicker.

Choosing a Local Professional

Sometimes major storms bring out less-than-qualified individuals, offering to protect and repair. To ensure a repair that will last for years to come, do a little homework upfront. A local professional that’s part of your community is your best bet. Not only are they familiar with local codes and ordinances, they’re here for the duration. Check out references and licensing before you sign a contract for repair. When you choose a qualified professional, you’ll be set to weather any storm, and reach the other side no worse for the wear.

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