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Five Signs that Your Roof Is Not Prepared for High Winds

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High winds can have a severe impact on the integrity of your roof. Minor issues caused by wind such as cracked flashing, loose drip edge, dislodged ridge vents, or buckled or broken shingles can cause serious problems over time and should be fixed as soon as possible. Major issues such as exposed or sagging sheathing or structural breaches caused by flying or falling debris need to be addressed right away. If roof damage from high winds doesn’t get the attention it deserves, you may be in for serious problems down the line that may require larger roof repair projects or full roof replacement.

Warning Signs That Your Roof Is Not Prepared for Strong Winds

High winds can both exasperate current roof issues and create new ones. Listed below are some signs that your roof is not prepared to sustain severe winds.

  • Loose roofing materials such as shingles, flashing, ridge vents, drip edges, and facia boards are ripe to be further loosened, ripped, or even torn off by strong gusts of wind. Additionally, blistered, cracked, or crumbling shingles should signal your roof will not sustain high winds. Dry, curled shingles that break easily are also telltale signs of trouble.
  • Gutters that overflow signal that your roof is having issues and likely will not be able to put up with a rain shower, let alone a severe windstorm.
  • Soiled, dark looking areas on the exterior of your roof indicate that your roof is dealing with environmental pollutants, fungus or vegetation, and/or a general loss of protective granules. Take this as a sign that your roof should be inspected before sustaining high winds.
  • Warning signs can also appear inside your home. Interior water damage signs such as stains or paint bubbles or sagging should alert you that your roof is likely in trouble if high winds hit.
  • If parts of your roof appear to be sagging or buckling, take this as an urgent warning that your roof needs an immediate inspection and certainly shouldn’t face a severe storm.

Let RoofPRO Ensure Your Roof is Prepared For High Winds

Regular and thorough roof inspections by a certified roof inspector can help ensure you are prepared for high winds before your roof requires extensive and expensive roof repair or entire roof replacement. RoofPRO offers a variety of comprehensive and affordable roof inspection and roof maintenance plans that will provide you with the peace of mind that your roof is as prepared as possible and that any issues that do arise will be dealt with swiftly and professionally.

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