Five Tips For Making Your Gutters Last Longer

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Roof gutters are critical to the overall longevity and welfare of your home. This is why roof gutter maintenance is a priority. It is crucial to make sure you are prolonging the lifespan of your gutters as much as possible. Here are five tips to help make sure your gutters live a long and healthy life.

Clean Out Any Debris

Clogged roof gutters not only cause damage to the gutters themselves as they bear the heavy load but can cause irreparable damage to your home in general. It’s messy work, but your gutters should be cleaned a couple of times a year to enhance their longevity. After a storm, it's always good to have them checked out and have any debris that has built up in your system cleared.

Trim the Trees Above Your Gutters

Save yourself the trouble and try to keep the area above your gutter clear of overhanging branches. Not only will keeping that area clear help reduce the amount of leaves from piling up in your gutters, but branches can also easily break off during a storm and catapult into your roof gutter system. Trimming trees back just enough to avoid this catastrophe is definitely worth it.

Repair Cracks and Damages as They Occur

Any problem areas you notice with your gutter system should be fixed right away in order to ensure your gutters will last. Cracked, punctured, or sagging roof gutters can lead to serious issues if left unattended. Patch them up immediately to avoid serious headaches down the line.

Have Gutter Guards Installed

Installing a protection system for your roof gutters is your best bet if you are looking to shield them from blockages and damages. Gutter guards help to prevent debris from collecting in your system. They help reduce the amount of gutter maintenance needed and help your gutters last longer.

Make Informed Decisions About Your Gutters

While not always an option, the best way to ensure you have long-lasting gutters is to make informed decisions about what type of gutter system to install. The estimated average lifespan of steel or aluminum gutters tends to be around 20 years, while copper gutters can last from 50 to 100 years if properly maintained. You should also look into getting a seamless gutter system to reduce the risk of leaks. Installing a gutter system built to withstand wear and tear ensures you get a system that lasts.

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