Four Ways to Prepare Your Roof Before Storm Season

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When it comes to the impact of storms on your home, a well-maintained roof is your first line of defense. Depending on your location, the snow, sleet, hail, rain, and strong winds of storm season can all wreak havoc and cause serious structural and aesthetic damage to your home. If your roof is old, damaged, or compromised, these damages can be compounded. No matter your location, there are several steps you can take to ensure that your roof is ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at it.

Step 1 - Have Your Roof Inspected By a Certified Roof Inspector

Small roofing problems such as cracked flashing, loose shingles, or dry and brittle caulking can be greatly exasperated by a strong storm. The first step to solving these types of problems is knowing that they exist. A roof inspection by the certified roof inspectors at RoofPRO can identify your roof’s weaknesses or give you the peace of mind that your roof is strong enough to endure the storms ahead. If we, unfortunately, discover issues, we can then work with you to develop a plan to restore the integrity of your roof as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Step 2 - Prepare Your Roof and Gutters

Whether you live in a hot or cool climate, a properly kept roof and gutter system is paramount to mitigating storm damage. If any aspect of your roof is not up to par, you run the risk of increasing harm to your home. After a thorough inspection, our professional roofing team at RoofPRO can address any issues that have been discovered to ensure that you enter the storm season prepared. Furthermore, we offer gutter cleaning and gutter repair services to ensure that your gutters are ready to take on the extra strain of increased precipitation or ice.

Step 3 - Prepare Your Property

Securing your roof for storm season does not mean only ensuring that it is ready to take on the elements – it also means removing elements that could potentially damage your roof. Check your property for dead trees or limbs that could fall on your roof. If you locate any, it is always safer to trim or remove them before they become a problem. If you live in an area plagued by strong winds, check for and secure lawn and decking items that could become airborne and cause damage to your roof or your home’s exterior.

Step 4 - Create an Emergency Roof Repair Plan

Preparation does not guarantee prevention. You could have diligently done everything outlined above and still suffer a roof emergency. Make sure you have an emergency plan that includes reaching out to RoofPRO for emergency roof repair or storm damage repair services.

Let RoofPRO Prepare Your Roof for Storm Season

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