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Heavy Storm Damage: When to Replace and When to Repair Your Roof

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Deciding when to replace and when to repair your roof is a notoriously tough decision. In the case of storm damage, it is always advisable to have RoofPRO’s qualified professional roofing team inspect your roof immediately after damage occurs to help make a damage assessment and determine the best roofing solution for you. Below are some key questions to ask yourself as you tackle the roof repair versus roof replacement dilemma.

What Is Your Budget and What Are Your Long-Term Plans?

If you plan on hunkering down and staying in your current home for a long time, replacing your roof sooner rather than later may make the most sense. You’ll avoid pouring money into repairing a roof that you’ll end up replacing anyway. If you only plan on being in your current home for a limited period of time, however, a cost-effective roof repair job could do the trick.

Budget inevitably plays a role in the roof repair versus replacement decision as well. New roofs end up being a significant investment. You may end up spending even more in the long run on continuous repairs that may result in needing to shell out for a roof replacement anyway.

How Old Is Your Roof?

If your roof is less than a decade old, consider going the repair route. Newer roof shingles are generally easier to repair, and you could get another decade or two (or even more in some cases) out of roofs that are less than 10 years old. If you are dealing with a much older roof, a replacement may be in order. Trying to repair an aged roof with crumbling shingles can be disastrous.

How Severe Is The Storm Damage?

Heavy wind and hail damage may require that you replace your roof no matter how old it is. Hail damage can be harder to deal with. It may even take a while for tell-tale hail damage signs (like leaks) to reveal themselves. Hail damage is generally severe and will require roof replacement. Wind damage is more variable. Depending on the severity of the wind, you could be looking at either repairing a few shingles or dealing with an entire section blown off the roof. Be mindful of the fact that storms can blow shingles loose that the naked eye can’t necessarily detect. For any and all emergency roof repair after a storm, we highly recommend that you consult the professional roofing team at RoofPRO to help you assess whether to repair or replace your roof.

How Widespread Is Your Roof Damage?

Missing shingles or dents all across your roof indicate widespread damage that often results in the need for a roof replacement in order to avoid major issues in the future. A very small area of isolated damage, on the other hand, may only need a repair.

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