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How Long Do Roofing Shingles Last?

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If you’re getting ready for a new roof, or wondering how much longer your existing roof will last, here’s a few things to mull over. Question #1? How long will my roofing shingles last?

Shingle Warranties

As a homeowner, it seems that shingles with a 20-30 year warranty would be adequate, but it isn’t always as simple as it seems. With some manufacturers, your roofing shingles are warranted against damage 100 percent for the first year, after that, the shingles are prorated over the next two or three decades. In the end, a homeowner may have a warranty that isn't worth much. Using a quality manufacturer like GAF means that you’ll have usable coverage far longer. Quality upfront pays off in the end.

Proper Roof System Installation = Longer Life

A properly installed roof will last longer. Quality is important for both product and installation. A professional roofer will make certain they handle all the installation requirements not readily visible to the layman. Using the right roofing underlayment and the correct roofing nails and/or staples directly affects the longevity of your roof. Find a skilled local professional and check their references before you decide who to hire.

Location, Location, Location

Where you live can impact how long your shingles will last. Here in the Maryland/DC area, we don’t generally need to worry about scorching temperatures typical of the desert southwest. We do, however, have beautiful shade trees that shelter our homes. Couple that with moisture-filled springs and stormy summers, and you have the perfect recipe for moss and fungus to thrive in some of the nooks and crannies on your roof.

Don’t despair! Your home is lovely surrounded by beautiful shade trees, so keep the trees and ditch the dirt. Setting up a maintenance plan with a local professional can keep your roof (and its shingles) in top form far longer. As with everything else in life, proper maintenance leads to longer life. Finding yourself a local partner makes the work that much easier.

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