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How to Choose the Right Shingle for Your Roof Replacement

Shingles/Roof replacement How to Choose Shingles

When it comes to your roof, every project is an important one. After all, your roof is a vitally important part of your house! The roofers at RoofPRO, LLC certainly understand wanting to make sure every aspect of your roof replacement is perfect. So once you’ve chosen your contractor, it’s time to get down to details! Specifically, your roof shingles. How do you know which kind to choose? We’re here today with some things to consider before you make your final decision.

Choosing Roof Shingles

Before you decide on a shingle, consider the following:

  • Duration of Shingle Life: Manufacturers will guarantee their shingles up to a specific amount of time. The life of a shingle can vary between 25, 30, and even 50 years. Multiple factors determine how long a shingle can last. One factor that may affect your decision here is how long you intend to live in your house. If you are planning on sticking around for the long haul and still hope to have some life left in your shingles, you’ll want to choose a long-lasting option. Alternatively, if you’re only hoping to be in your house for a short time, you can probably go with a shorter option.
  • Wind Resistance: Every shingle has a different kind of wind resistance. For example, GAF Royal Sovereign Shingles have a 60 mph limited wind warranty, whereas the GAF Timberline HD Shingle has a 130 mph limited wind warranty. It’s important to note, however, that even though a shingle can sustain high winds, like the Timberline HD, it must be installed properly in order to have the highest level of resistance.
  • Warranty from Manufacturer: Each shingle manufacturer has their own set of warranties. These warranties are only given out, however, if the shingles are installed by a certified roofer. Warranties can cover a lot of different options and no two are alike. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly review the warranty terms and conditions. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.
  • Energy: Some shingle lines are Energy Star qualified, which not only benefits you in your efforts to have an energy efficient home, but also benefits the environment.

Other Considerations for Roofing Materials

Here are a few other items to consider when deciding which roofing materials are right for your home.

  • Color: There are many different colors to choose from, and every brand has their own variation of each color. Both GAF and Certainteed have a black shingle, for example, but each “black” shingle looks completely different. The best way to choose a color is to hold a sample in your hand while looking at your roof. This is why we bring samples with us when we meet you, so we can review the options in person.
  • Algae: If you have any black stains on your roof, they are from algae. If this is common in your neighborhood, you may want to choose a shingle that comes with an algae-resistant component. These algae-resistant shingles look the same but perform significantly better at fighting off algae and keeping your roof looking new.
  • Premium Design: Most of us are familiar with the two most common types of shingles: the three tab and the architectural. If you want to stand out amongst the crowd, however, there are other high quality designer shingles that will look amazing on your house!

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