How to Detect Roof Damage After a Storm

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Storms damage roofs. This is a fact. No matter what steps you have taken to prepare, excessive winds, strong rains, snow, sleet, hail, and ice all have the potential to cause moderate to severe damage to your roof.

If a tree falls on your home, you know it. It is a massive headache, can be very expensive to repair, and it might take a long time before your home is back to normal – but it is obvious. Storm emergencies are different.

Either way, you can contact RoofPRO and have our professional roofing team provide you with the highest level of emergency roof repair services at an affordable price.

On the other hand, if your roof has sustained smaller, less noticeable damage, such as cracked flashing around a skylight, it may be weeks, months, or even years before you notice. All the while, wind and ice could be exacerbating the issue, rain and snowmelt could be penetrating the exterior of your home, and increased levels of moisture could be causing extensive mold and rot issues within your home – all without you knowing. It is absolutely essential to detect storm damage of any kind as soon as possible.

Exterior Signs of Roof Damage

After a storm, even if there is no noticeable damage to your roof or home, your first step should be to assess the exterior of your home and property. Start by looking for issues that are easy to spot from the ground: tree limbs and branches or other debris on your roof, missing or buckling roof shingles or roof tiles, hanging drip edge, dislodged ridge vents or fascia boards, visibly altered flashing, or lasting discoloration in certain areas of your roof. Additionally, look for debris or roofing materials on the ground around your home. Even a few unexpected nails may be the sign of much bigger issues. Getting onto a roof can be difficult or dangerous, so reach out to the professionals at RoofPRO for a more thorough roof inspection.

Interior Signs of Roof Damage

Inside, start your search in the attic. Immediately after, or even during storms, look for areas of moisture or dripping water. These are clear signs that your roof’s integrity has been compromised. Over time, look for areas of discoloration in your attic or ceiling, or areas of mold. Again, even a small drip can cause extensive damage in the long run. Finally, listen to your home. This may seem a little strange, but whistling or rustling noises may be a sign of loose or damaged flashing, ridge vent, soffit, etc.

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