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How to Diagnose a Leaking Roof

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If you have ever found unexpected water in your home, you have probably been quick to blame the roof. This is usually a pretty safe bet, but actually identifying where the leak is can be tricky. Even if it seems obvious, it’s usually best to have a roofing contractor, like the professionals at RoofPRO, LLC, take a look. Roof leaks that are not addressed can lead to mold issues and structural damage. In short, it’s best to get these leaks taken care of as soon as possible.

Roof Repair You Can Trust

At RoofPRO, our experts provide quality roof repair thanks to our years of experience and level of skill. We also only hired licensed, certified roofers, so you are always guaranteed the best service around. With some home projects, jobs can be delayed for whatever reason, but when it comes to a leaking roof, this issue needs to be addressed quickly. It is much easier to fix the problem before it has caused a significant amount of damage. When a roof is leaking, the cause generally comes from one of three places: quality of installation, flashing, or storm damage.

If your roof wasn’t properly installed the first time around, it can be more susceptible to roof leaks. The main issue here is that, unfortunately, no two roofing companies are exactly the same. We strive for professionalism and quality with every job we do, but not everyone who comes to work on your house can claim the same thing. This is why we require our roofers to be certified. A certification offers a guarantee that the roofers understand what needs to be done in order to perform the best possible work. It also means we are fully aware of the standards and requirements to safely install a roof. When you hire RoofPRO, you do not have to worry about leaks coming from a poorly installed roof.

Trust Your Local Roofers

To locate the source of your leak, our roofers will first find where water is pooling inside your home. We will also determine whether or not we actually believe this water is coming from your roof -- sometimes, the roof is blamed for issues caused by the HVAC system or your windows. We will use a variety of methods to ensure that yes, the leak is coming from your roof. We’ll then brainstorm the best ways to approach fixing it. Our roofers are all very open and communicative, and we will discuss everything with you. We always strive to complete your project on time and under budget.

If it is determined that you need an entire roof replacement, we can help you with that as well. Hopefully, it will end up being a quick and easy fix that will get your home running smoothly in no time. If you have any questions or any would like to hire RoofPRO for your roofing needs, contact our local roofers by filling out our online form or giving us a call at 410-428-6806. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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