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How to Identify the Cause of a Leak

Roofpro Maryland Identify Cause Leak

Any homeowner knows that learning you have a leak in your house is an incredibly frustrating discovery. Not only will you have to deal with any damage the leak has already caused, you may also struggle with where the leak actually is. The local roofers at RoofPRO, LLC are here today with some tips on how to locate the cause of a leak. Generally speaking, the majority of leaks will arise from one of three issues: quality of installation, flashing, or storm damage.

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Roofing Services

The integrity of your house is incredibly dependent on the quality of your roofing services. Unfortunately, no two roofing companies are alike. While at RoofPRO we are always striving to present strong, quality work, you will encounter companies or individuals who will not be able to offer you the same level of perfection. When you hire someone to install your new roof and they either cut corners or simply don’t possess the right amount of knowledge for the project, problems arise. Every manufacturer has specific guidelines, along with state building codes, on how to install a roof system. These codes and guidelines must be followed to ensure the longevity of a roof. There is much more to a roof than simply nailing a shingle down. The ventilation has to be properly balanced, since ventilation can truly prolong or destroy your shingle. In some cases, we have seen 30-year shingles need to be replaced in 15 years due to poor ventilation.

While inspecting the quality of installation, our roofing contractors study several factors. We will first want to know if the shingles were installed and aligned correctly, with the proper nailing pattern. We will also check that all of the required components were used: drip edge, underlayment, and ventilation, to name a few. Even properly installed shingles can leak if they do not have the correct underlayment. Finally, we will make sure that your ventilation system is set up and working correctly.

Roofing Materials and Storm Damage

Another one of the roofing materials we will inspect, as it is often related to leaks, is the flashing. Flashing is the material used to cover the transitions on a roof (from a shingle to a wall, for example). This material will often leak when it is either installed poorly or has broken down and degraded due to weather. As a cost-cutting measure, cheap materials are used to flash portions of the roof. Unfortunately, this means the flashing breaks down much quicker than the shingles, causing leaks.

Storms can also cause damage, whether from high winds blowing off shingles, heavy rain that overwhelms the capacity of the roof, or hail or other objects hitting your roof. All of the different types of roofing materials are rated for different wind resistance, but they can still blow off if they are not installed properly.

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