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How to Know If Your Roof Is Ready for Heavy Rain

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There is no stopping mother nature when it comes to heavy rains, but one thing you can control is making sure your roof is ready for when the rains come. Heavy rain is a recipe for disaster if your roof is in a state that is vulnerable to leaks. Small roofing problems, such as cracked flashing, loose shingles, or dry and brittle caulking, can be greatly exasperated by a rainstorm. In addition to leakage, strong rain can actually wear away the protective coating on your shingles and roofing materials making them less effective and more susceptible to damage in the future.

Heavy rains are a surefire way to confirm your roof is leaking. Diligent homeowners should make sure their roof is properly inspected, patched, and always prepared for the worst before they find out the hard way that their roof is compromised. Here are some easy, proactive ways you can check to see if your roof is ready for a downpour.

Get a Roof Inspection to Ensure You Are Prepared

The first step toward knowing if your roof is ready for heavy rain is inspecting your roof to identify any potential issues. A professional roof inspection from the certified roof inspectors at RoofPRO can identify your roof’s weaknesses or give you the peace of mind that your roof is strong enough to endure the rain ahead. If we do discover any problems or detect any red flags during an inspection, we can then work with you to develop a plan to restore the integrity of your roof as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Check Your Gutter System

A properly kept roof and gutter system is paramount to mitigating rainstorm damage. If any aspect of your roof is not up to par, you run the risk of increasing harm to your home. Cleaning out your gutters and/or repairing them if need be can be messy, frustrating work. Luckily, Roofpro offers gutter cleaning and gutter repair services to ensure that your gutters are ready to take on the extra strain of heavy rain. Keeping your gutters maintained is among the best protective measures you can take when fending off a downpour.

Inspect Your Roof Shingles

Checking your roof for any loose or damaged shingles is a good way to ensure your roof is ready for persistent rains. Patching even just a few roughed up shingles can go a long way in preventing leaks and damage during heavy rain. If there are significant areas of shingles that do not look up to par, be sure to call in the pros for a comprehensive roof inspection.

RoofPRO Can Get Your Roof Ready For Heavy Rain

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