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I Think My Roof Is Leaking: How To Be Sure

Roof Shingle Damage Cracked

Whether you are witnessing drops of water fall from your ceiling to your floor or you just notice a bit of discoloration on your ceiling, you should always be wary of a leaky roof. A leaking roof is a headache that needs to be addressed immediately. If you are lucky, the leak has been caused by recent and minor damage: maybe a shingle was torn off by the wind. However, even a small leak may be a sign of much more extensive damage. Long-term leaks can cause rot, mold, discoloration, and cracking. These damages can significantly undermine the integrity of your roof and, if not fixed, can lead to more extensive, future leaking issues.

So You Think Your Roof Has A Leak…

If you have reason to believe your roof is leaking, a thorough roof inspection should be undertaken to confirm or discard your suspicions. We always recommend engaging with a certified roof inspector to perform a professional inspection and avoid inadvertent issues that can be caused by amateurs attempting to diagnose and fix a roof themselves. Ultimately, if you suspect a leak, your best bet is to call a professional roofing team to look into it straight away. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

How To Be Sure Your Roof Is Leaking

Once you have confirmed that your roof is leaking, you’ll want to locate the leak inside your home. Determining the source of a roof leak can be a challenge as the source of the leak on your home’s exterior will not always match up exactly with where the leak appears inside your house. Locating the source of a roof leak can be achieved via a process of elimination, keeping in mind that your leak may be a result of a combination of factors rather than a single problem associated with your roof. It helps to examine the most common sources of roof leaks. Missing or deteriorating roofing materials, damaged flashing, cracked roof vents, holes in the ridge cap, and flooding or debris backed up in your gutters are all common warning signs. Some leaks are difficult to find and may require removing interior or exterior features such as shingles, fascia, siding, plaster, etc. Always make sure that the observations that led you to suspect your roof is leaking are not, in fact, the result of issues with other parts of your home. There are a variety of alternative sources of potential leaks throughout your house including plumbing, HVAC, and condensation. You’ll want to start by ruling out other potential leak culprits.

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