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Is Your Roof Ready for Spring Showers? How to Diagnose a Leaky Roof

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Whether it starts as a slight discoloration in your ceiling or there are actual drops falling on your floor, a leaking roof always spells trouble. If you are lucky, the leak has been caused by recent and minor damage: maybe a shingle was torn off by the wind. However, even a small leak may be a sign of much more extensive damage. Long-term leaks can cause rot, mold, discoloration, and cracking. These damages can significantly undermine the integrity of your roof and, if not fixed, can lead to more extensive, future leaking issues.

Is Your Roof Ready for Spring Showers?

Though most common during rain storms, snow storms, or high winds, a leaking roof can pop up at any time. Spring showers are common instigators for revealing leaks in your roof. Roof damage that can often occur during the snowy and icy winter months may go unnoticed until the spring weather melts the ice and snow that has gathered on your roof and thus causes the leak to soak through and become apparent. Slow leaks that develop during the harsh weather of earlier months may also take a while to be noticed and ultimately may not reveal itself until spring. Strong spring showers also expose leaks that wouldn’t be noticeable during a more gentle or intermittent shower. You shouldn’t have to wait for severe spring weather to reveal a roof leak as this will only make the existing damage worse. The best way to prevent this is by ensuring that your home receives consistent and thorough roof inspections from certified roof inspectors, particularly after storms.

Diagnosing a Leaky Roof After Spring Showers

After identifying the cause of the leak in your roof as quickly as possible, a critical first step is to find the leak and stop it, then to assess what damages the leak has caused. A qualified professional roofing team can help you through this process. Immediately after a spring shower is a great time to spot a leak, as you should be able to find moisture revealing itself wherever the leak is located. Once you’ve determined roughly where the leak damage is showing, you can work in outward circles from that location to find exactly where the leak is located. It is important to keep in mind that any opening in the roof system could provide an entryway for water to penetrate. An opening revealed in your roofing materials that allows water to enter your home’s building envelope will cause a leak in your roof.

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