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Leaking Roof Repair Process: What to Expect from a Roofer

Roofpro Maryland Leaking Roof Repair Process What To Expect

Whether it starts as a slight discoloration in your ceiling or there are actual drops falling on your floor, a leaking roof is never a good sign. If you are lucky, the leak has been caused by recent and minor damage: maybe a shingle was torn off by the wind. However, even a small leak may be a sign of much more extensive damage. Either way, don’t risk having your roof work done by just anyone. Let the certified roofing professionals at RoofPRO inspect and repair your leaking roof today.

Determining the Cause of Your Leaking Roof

No matter the cause of the leak in your roof, the first and most important step is to find the leak and stop it. Only then can you assess what damages the leak has caused. Our professional and local roofers can help you through this process. If the leak is substantial, contact us immediately for emergency roof leak repair. After we have located the source of the leak, we will fully investigate the full extent of the damages.

Long-term leaks can cause rot, mold, discoloration, and cracking. These damages can significantly undermine the integrity of your roof and, if not fixed, can lead to more extensive, future leaking issues. Therefore, it’s not only about stopping the leak, but also about repairing your roof.

Picking a Roof Repair Service That is Right for You

During our initial inspection of your roof, we always start by looking at the most common sources of leaks. These include (but are not limited to): missing or deteriorating roofing materials, cracked roof vents, damaged flashing, gutters backing up due to debris, or holes in the ridge cap. Sometimes leaks can be hard to find and require removal of interior or exterior features such as shingles, siding, fascia, plaster, etc. If this is the case, our inspection team will always fully explain to you what we are doing and why.

Once the leak has been located and damage caused by the leak assessed, our certified roofing professionals will work with you to develop a roof repair service plan that addresses your needs and fits within your budget. In extreme cases, partial or full roof replacement may be necessary – but it is our goal to seal the leak and repair all damages in the least intrusive, most cost-effective way possible.

Once a repair plan has been agreed upon, our professional roofers and their many years of experience will go to work for you. At RoofPRO, we pride ourselves on providing efficient, client-focused, and long-lasting roofing services. We greatly appreciate your business and respect that this is your home. This is why we always arrive and leave on time, and maintain a clean worksite throughout the duration of the project. Our team of certified roofers is always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Contact RoofPRO at the First Sign of a Leak

Since 2003, RoofPRO has provided business and residents of the Baltimore and Washington metro area with high quality, consistent, and reliable roofing services. We have expanded our business and built our reputation through professionalism, trustworthiness, and the highest level of craftsmanship. We have the knowledge and know-how to take on any job and to do it right the first time. Give us a call at 410-428-6806 or request a quote online today to see how RoofPRO can put its reputation to work for you!

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