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Leaky Roofs Cause Interior Damage: What to Look For

Water dripping from roof Roof Waterdripping

A leaky roof can be more than shingle and sheathing damage, though it may take longer to notice collateral damage. In some cases, the leak is painfully obvious, with water pouring through the ceiling and the overhead light fixture, taking the path of least resistance. But sometimes the leak, and the subsequent damage, isn’t readily noticeable. Read on to learn what you need to look for if you suspect a leak.

Roofs Leaks Start from the Outside

Roofs Leaks

While it’s easy to diagnose a leaky roof when shingles are missing and the sheathing underneath is damaged, leaks aren’t always so obvious. Some leaks can occur around chimneys, or places on your roof where different angles come together. If seals have been compromised, or transitions were improperly installed, water can get inside. Small leaks, left undetected, can add up to considerable interior damage.

Roof Leaks Can Lead to Mold

Water leaks can lead to patches in your home that are continually damp. Unchecked through the seasons, these moist areas provide a perfect environment for mold to flourish. Given this year’s unending rainy season here in the Mid-Atlantic region, we’re seeing a huge amount of mold issues in both residences and commercial buildings. Many schools have had to deal with mold growth over the summer, which have resulted in school closures to keep children safe while the mold was removed.

Roof Leaks Can Leave Water Marks on Your Ceiling

While repainting a spot on the ceiling isn’t a big deal, the underlying reason for the mark can be. A leak in your roof has to make it through several layers before it ever hits your interior ceilings. Roof leaks can damage sheathing, plywood, insulation, drywall and plaster. Once water makes its way through your bedroom ceiling, the cost of replacement and repair far exceeds the cost to simply repaint.

Roof Leaks Can Compromise Your Home’s Electrical System

Interior electrical fixtures, switches and wiring were not designed to withstand water damage. Water, by its nature, will follow the path of least resistance, running along wires, and potentially damaging interior electrical components. Not only can repairs be costly, water-damaged interior electrical systems are dangerous and a safety hazard. Immediate evaluation and repair is necessary to keep you and your home safe.

What Should I Do if My Roof is Leaking?

Your first step is evaluation; you need to know what’s happening on your roof. Repairs need to begin outside and work their way in. Contact a qualified roofing professional for a free evaluation. Knowing where the leak started, and how to fix it, will be the quickest path to getting you back under a dry roof.

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