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Ongoing Repair & Maintenance Services for Commercial Roofs in MD

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At RoofPRO, we pride ourselves on meeting the needs of our clients in unique ways. Whether the project is residential or commercial, we provide trustworthy expertise that keeps our clients coming back.

In the case of a commercial client in Fulton, Maryland, we have a unique service agreement that includes inspections, preventative maintenance, and roofing repairs.

Expert Roofing Consultation


Because of the relationship we’ve built through quality service, we’ve become the one-stop shop for all this company’s roofing needs. They know the level of care and dedication we take in commercial roofing, and have trusted us as their primary roofing consultant.

When they were first interested in installing solar panels, they contacted us for a consultation. We provided them with expert guidance, including how to protect their roof structure before and after the installation.

Roofing Service Agreements for Commercial Roofs


We’ve offered a unique and valuable service agreement to this company, and it’s led to both a high level of maintenance and an improved peace of mind. Any time an issue arises, we send a team to the location to assess the condition of the roof.

We’ve been serving them for years now, billing only for time and materials. We’ve even performed weather-related assessments while there’s snow on the roof! Our service agreement offers a level of preventative maintenance that’s hard to beat.


We offer specialized roofing service agreements to industrial or commercial fields such as:

  • Waste management
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction & Production
  • Storage facilities
  • Engineering
  • Machining & Fabrication

Your Industrial Roofing Experts in MD


As you can see, this facility is both expansive and technical. The inclusion of solar panels makes this roof an important asset to the company, while also presenting its own unique challenges in terms of care and maintenance. We’re able to inspect and service this industrial roof as needed, providing a greater level of care for a lower cost.

Every service agreement is tailored to meet the specific needs of each commercial client. If your industrial roof could benefit from our expert care, get in touch with us today! We’ll provide you with a free estimate and list of services offered.

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