Risk-Free Roof Replacement: Details Checklist Before Hiring Your Roofer

Roofpro Baltimore Washington Roof Replacement Checklist

Roof replacement can be a risky business. There are a variety of considerations that need to be taken seriously in order to ensure homeowners receive risk-free roof replacement services. These considerations include knowing the work is being done right, having confidence in your warranty, understanding every cost before starting, staying in the driver’s seat for any decisions, completing a details checklist before hiring your roofer, having productive estimate meetings, and knowing that you are getting good value.

This post offers a details checklist that every homeowner should go through before hiring a roofing contractor for roof replacement. Below are some critical details to review as you determine which roofer is best for your project.

Contractor References

Ensure that your contractor can offer a list of references attesting to the quality of their work. A combination of recent and older references will give you an idea of what to expect now, as well as an idea of the long-term quality of their roofing work.

Proof of License, Insurance, and Any Certifications or Necessary Permits

Always ensure that your roofer is properly licensed and insured. A certificate of insurance is often included in a contractor’s proposal. If it is not, make sure you obtain a copy of your roofer’s policy. It is also important to verify any certifications they may have and to ensure that building permits have been procured (if necessary).

Detailed Written Estimate

Ensure your roofer provides you with a well-written estimate that lays out the scope of your roofing project and helps you to understand the various costs.

Overview of Available Guarantees and Warranties

There are a variety of warranty options, so make sure you are aware of what is available for your roofing project since different warranties offer very different types of coverage. To ensure confidence in your warranty, be sure to receive and thoroughly review a copy of your warranty in advance of signing on with any roofing contractor.

Details Around How the Project Will Be Managed/Supervised?

A quality roofing company should always have a roofing contractor or project manager onsite throughout the duration of your roof replacement. Even the most skilled roofing crew requires supervision to guarantee safety procedures are being followed, and best practices are being implemented. You’ll also want someone to be your point of contact to ensure the work is moving forward as desired and to answer any questions as they arise.

The Professionals at RoofPRO Check All the Right Boxes

The roofing professionals at RoofPRO will check all the right boxes and ensure that you receive the risk-free roof replacement services you deserve. Since 2003, the licensed professional roofing contractors at RoofPRO have provided business and residents of the Baltimore and Washington metro area with high quality, consistent, and reliable certified roofing services. We have expanded our business and built our reputation through professionalism, trustworthiness, and the highest level of craftsmanship. We have the knowledge and know how to take on any job and to do it right the first time. Give our local roofers a call (410-428-6806) or request a quote online today to see how RoofPRO can put its reputation to work for you!

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