Risk-Free Roof Replacement: Having Confidence in Your Warranty

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Roof replacement can be a risky business. There are a variety of considerations that need to be taken seriously in order to ensure homeowners do their best to receive risk-free roof replacement services. These considerations include knowing the work is being done right, having confidence in your warranty, understanding every cost before starting, staying in the driver’s seat for any decisions, completing a detailed checklist before hiring your roofer, having productive estimate meetings, and knowing you are getting a good value.

This post examines the importance of having confidence in your warranty as you move forward with your roofing project and make decisions regarding the roofing services that are right for you. The key to having confidence in your warranty lies in understanding the fine print and knowing that you are protected. Here are a few key details to keep in mind as you evaluate your warranty.

Factor the Following Into Your Roof Warranty Analysis:

  • The best way to protect yourself and choose a roof warranty that instills confidence is to be as informed as possible regarding the terms of your warranty. Be cautious of roofers that use vague terms when discussing their warranties. Make sure that you closely assess your warranty to guarantee that value discussed is value received.
  • Be aware of the scope of your coverage. Warranties can be limited to product defects and exclude poor workmanship. For comprehensive protection, get warranties that cover both materials and workmanship.
  • No Dollar Limit (NDL) warranties are generally better when you are looking to protect yourself from a constantly depreciating warranty. Be wary of warranties that issue monetary caps or limits on roofing services.
  • Thoroughly review the exclusions on your warranty. The fine print around exclusions covers both legal and technical exclusions that protect from liability. Exclusions block claimants from recovery for a range of reasons – from breach of contract to lack of coverage for natural disasters to “normal weathering” exclusions. The list can go on, so be sure to explore any and all exclusions listed in your warranty.
  • Pay very close attention to the limitations of your warranty in order to protect yourself from nullification. Nullifications completely void a warranty, often due to things like lack of maintenance, transfer of building occupancy or ownership, unapproved repairs or alterations, etc.

In order to ensure that you have the highest level of confidence in your warranty, be sure to receive and thoroughly review a copy of your warranty and general liability insurance certificate in advance of signing on with any roofing contractor.

Discuss Your Options with the Professionals at RoofPRO

The roofing professionals at RoofPRO are happy to discuss your roof’s warranty options with you in order to ensure that you receive the risk-free roof replacement services you deserve. Since 2003, the licensed professional roofing contractors at RoofPRO have provided business and residents of the Baltimore and Washington metro area with high quality, consistent, and reliable certified roofing services. We have expanded our business and built our reputation through professionalism, trustworthiness, and the highest level of craftsmanship. We have the knowledge and know how to take on any job and to do it right the first time. Give our local roofers a call (410-428-6806) or request a quote online today to see how RoofPRO can put its reputation to work for you!

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