Roof Replacement Costs: How to Avoid Wasting Money on Your Roof Replacement

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You’ve decided to bite the bullet and replace your roof, a decision you won’t regret since lingering roof issues can cause serious long-term damage to your home. When it comes to roof replacement costs, there are several key considerations to keep in mind. These include how to avoid wasting money on your roof replacement, what decisions drive up costs for new roofs, and what it generally costs to replace a roof per roofing square. This post examines how to reduce roof replacement costs and avoid wasting money.

Check Your Home Insurance Before Work Begins On Your Roof

Homeowners insurance often covers roof damage, as long as the damage is not caused by neglect. Check your insurance thoroughly before reaching out to contractors and determine whether your insurer will pay all or part of your roof replacement expenses. It is also critical to check the specific conditions that your insurance covers before you start work in order to avoid wasting money on things you think are covered but in fact are not. Note that your home insurance might not cover you doing the work yourself. Completing your own roofing work may negate your policy.

Consider Your Timing

Re-roofing during the “off-season” can lead to discount prices. If you can schedule your roof replacement in late winter or early spring, as opposed to summer or fall when roofing companies are often quite booked, you may get a better price.

Do Your Research

Make sure you are aware of the measurements and roofing materials of your existing roof as well as those that you wish to have installed so you can make sure contractors are giving you consistent and competitive estimates. Trash removal fees often increase roofing costs. Check to see if installation and disposal fees are included in your roofing contractor’s estimate. Look to get a warranty on materials and installation. Shopping around and getting quotes from a few roofers can be a good idea, but be sure to check local references. Extremely low bids should be viewed with caution and could mean shabby work. Always make sure roofers are properly licensed and insured.

Tackle the DIY Parts Yourself

Provided you have the skill set, time, necessary tools, and can take necessary safety measures, you could consider tackling some of the simpler aspects of roof replacement yourself. It’s a tough, dirty, and hazardous job but if you have the demolition skills to remove some of the old roofing yourself before the pros come to install your replacement, you may be able to save money. Proceed with caution and only take this on if you are certain you have the required know-how and skills. You’ll also want to ensure you’ve sorted out the details with your roof contractor before you dig into a serious DIY roof project.

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