Roof Replacement: How Long Do Today’s New Roofs Last?

Roofpro Roof Replacement How Long Do New Roofs Last Maryland

When you are thinking about a roof replacement, you may be interested in how long you can expect your new roof to last. This is an important question, as this kind of roofing project can be a big investment. Here at RoofPRO, it is our goal to make this project as easy and painless as possible on you, the homeowner. We understand that projects like this have a tendency of popping up at the most inopportune times! So today we’ll talk about the durability and longevity of our roofs, as well as our GAF System Warranty.

Roofing and Exterior Services

Here at RoofPRO, LLC, we apply the same high standards to every roofing and exterior service we provide. We believe first and foremost in open communication, which is why we want to have all of our homeowners as involved in the process as possible. When we complete a roof replacement, we will talk to you about all of the different roofing materials available. While certain materials have a longer life than others, we will be able to discuss with you what works best for your house and your situation.

Many warranties offer a lifespan of 20-30 years, but that doesn’t mean that your entire roof is completely covered for that given period of time. Generally speaking, these warranties work to cover your roof 100% during the first year and decrease that coverage over the time of the warranty. At RoofPRO, we don’t believe that is good enough coverage for the cost of your investment. We have partnered with GAF to offer you their 50-Year, System Plus Warranty for just as long as you own your home (certain conditions apply). We want you to rest assured that all the work that goes into your roof project will be protected.

Best Roofing Company in Maryland

We strive to be the best here at RoofPRO because we truly believe that’s what our clients deserve. After all, we not only understand what it is like to complete roofing projects, we also understand what is like to own a home! We know that projects like these can be stressful, no matter who you are. Knowing you are in good hands can go a long way to alleviate a lot of that stress. For extra peace of mind, we are also proud to offer roof financing. Our financing process is simple and smart, and it is a great way to make necessary home repairs without breaking your budget.

As you can see, we truly care about our customers. We believe this sets us apart from the rest. We want to provide our world class service to you! If you are interested in working with RoofPRO on your roof replacement or any other roofing or exterior project, we want to hear from you. You can contact the best roofing company in Maryland by filling out our online form or giving us a call at 410-428-6806. Let’s get you a free quote and get started on your project today!

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