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Roof Replacement in Crownsville, MD - Adding Value, Style, and Peace of Mind!

Crownsville Md Roof Replacement Resized

If you’re considering a roof replacement, or know that one will be necessary in pretty short order, it’s time to ask yourself an important question: how much do you really know about your options?

Unfortunately, some homeowners approach roofing materials much like they approach buying tires for their car: “What’s my cheapest option? Are they decent? Okay, let’s do that...”

Your roof is a big investment, and one that adds dollars-and-cents value, priceless peace of mind, and long-term marketability. The right roof will be an ally, and the wrong roof can be a major disappointment and expense.

First, let’s take a look at a few tips to make sure you’re making the best choice for your home, and then we’ll zoom in on a roof replacement we recently completed in Crownsville, MD.

How To Get the Most Value Out of Your Next Roof Replacement

Ready? Let’s go:

  1. Find the Right Roofer - We can’t stress how important it is to invest time in finding a real, trustworthy, established roofing company. Better yet, find one that is manufacturer-certified too! Check out this article for more information about what this means and why it’s so important.
  2. Educate Yourself - Knowledge is power! And, knowledge also helps you know what to ask your roofer. To jumpstart your roofing education, take a look at this article: “How Well Do You Know Your Roof System?
  3. Know Your Options - Similar to choosing a paint color, a roofer can certainly help you explore your options, budget, and goals. But, it also never hurts to begin researching what kind of options are out there, and which style (and color!) of shingle would best enhance your curb appeal. A roof is certainly not just a utilitarian must-have; it can be absolutely stunning!
  4. Invest in Roof Maintenance - Once that beautiful new roof is in place, don’t set it and forget it. For the longest lifespan and most value for your dollar, talk with your professional roofer about routine maintenance, inspections, and repairs. Just like changing your oil, servicing your furnace, or visiting the dentist, proactive care offers a big payback over time.

Take a Look At This Stunning New Roof!

Roof Replacement

As you can see in the photo above, this new roof is just beautiful. And, thanks to high-quality components and wood replacement, it is just as durable and hard-working as it is lovely.

  • The shingles themselves are Ownens Corning Duration line. Be sure to follow that link, and take some time to peruse the incredible variety of styles, colors, and dimensions they offer.
  • We installed new gutters.
  • A cutting-edge, synthetic underlayment was also installed.
  • Any rotten plywood we uncovered was replaced.
  • New Velux skylights were added, boosting efficiency and natural light.

Let’s Discuss Your Roofing Options!

The RoofPRO team is here and ready to serve you. Our goal is to deliver both an exceptional product and experience, making your new roof installation a pleasant, enjoyable process.

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