Should You Try to Save Money with an Unlicensed Roof Guy?

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Should you try to save money with an unlicensed roof guy? The smart answer is no. Hiring an unlicensed roofer is simply not worth the risk. While cheap labor may be tempting, you’ll likely end up paying the price later on. We’ve rounded up some of the primary reasons you should not try to save money with an unlicensed roof guy below.

Poor Qualifications Often Mean Poor Quality Work

A license guarantees a roofer has met industry training standards. Working with unlicensed roofers leaves you completely in the dark when it comes to their competency. Unlicensed roof guys typically do not have the experience, expertise, and workmanship to provide quality roofing services. This can often result in shoddy or unfinished work, leaving you on the hook to repair or finish the project. Low-quality roof work can be an enormously damaging hassle when it backfires and is often much more expensive in the long run.

Unlicensed Roofers Are Often Uninsured

Unlicensed often means uninsured – and no insurance means no liability for property damages or injuries to others. You’ll end up footing the bill for anyone that gets injured while working on your roof and you’ll be responsible for paying for any damages your unlicensed roof guy causes to your home.

Unlicensed Roofers May Not Comply with Local Building Codes

While licensed roofing contractors comply with local building codes so that you know your roof is up to snuff when it comes under roof inspection, an unlicensed roof guy may not even have the knowledge, let alone the motivation, to ensure that your roof project is up to code. If your project doesn’t comply with building codes or required permits, you are decreasing your home’s value and putting yourself at risk of not only having to repair or remove the work on your own dime, but also subjecting yourself to government fines.

Unlicensed Roofers Are Seldom Covered Under Homeowner’s Policy

Homeowner’s insurance can cover roofing services, but often only if the work is done by a licensed roofing professional. Using an unlicensed roof guy may very well negate your policy, leaving you to pay in full for something that could have been covered if handled properly.

Using an Unlicensed Roofer Leaves You with Limited Legal Action

In the face of scams, broken contracts, or other issues that crop up with unlicensed roofers, your options are limited. Disputes with licensed roofers involve calling their licensing agency who can help mitigate the issue, recover your losses, and even discipline the roofer or revoke their license, giving licensed roof contractors ample motivation to play fair. This is not the case with unlicensed roofers, however, where your actions are limited to pricey and often ineffective civil lawsuits.

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