Why is Insulation Important Year-Round in Your Maryland Home?

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Why worry about insulation in the middle of summer? Insulation is a winter thing, right?

Not exactly.

Insulation is an every day, year round thing. Proper insulation is just as important when the outside temperatures soar to new heights. Read on to learn why.

Heated From the Top Down

In the winter, we worry about having a barrier between us and the frigid temperatures outside. Snow accumulates on the rooftop, and we all know that heat rises. The rows of brown-paper-covered pink insulation works to keep the heat in and the cold out. It’s part of the reason why the snow doesn’t just melt off your roof.

But in the summer, the opposite is true. The summer sun beats down on the roof. If you’re like most folks, your roof will tend to be darker, absorbing the sun’s rays and extra heat. The heat radiates down through the roof into your home.

If your attic is insulated, most of that heat fails to get through. But if there is insufficient insulation, or worse yet, no insulation at all, the heat increases the temperature of your home dramatically, starting from the top down.

Even if you have a climate-controlled home with central air conditioning, or even a/c window units, chances are your systems will be working overtime trying to compensate for the higher temperatures, resulting in higher energy bills and a house that never seems cool enough.

Insulation is Worth Its Weight in Naturally Cooler Temps

It’s easy to make a case for proper insulation, as it offers year-round benefits. Given the cost and relatively easy installation, even if you’re experiencing sweltering conditions today, insulation pays immediate dividends in terms of comfort (and energy savings aren’t far behind).

But I Don’t Even Have Air Conditioning…

Insulation is especially important in homes that don’t have additional climate controls. Insulation will keep your home naturally cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, and that has a direct effect on your comfort level year-round.

Insulation is a Sound Home Investment

Insulating your home is an easy way to add to your quality of life. Hiring a quality insulation professional ensures the work will be done with the proper materials. An insulation specialist can evaluate your current insulation and make recommendations to help you achieve the proper R-value ratings for your Maryland home. R-value refers to the insulation’s resistance to conductive heat flow. In other words, the higher the R-value, the better the insulation works, dependent on type, thickness, and density.

Different Insulation for Different Spaces

Knowing which insulation you need for walls, attic spaces, or even floating floors above the concrete pad out in your old addition can be confusing. Partner up with a skilled professional who can answer your questions and give you a clear estimate before work begins. You’ll be cooler before you know it, even without bumping up the air conditioning.

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