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A Wintertime Roof Replacement Project in Columbia, Maryland

Most people don't think about winter as the best time for roofing jobs, but here in Maryland, it can definitely be done. In fact, we just finished re-roofing a two-story house here in Columbia, and we'd like to tell you about it!

What Did this Roof Replacement Involve?

First, we had to remove the old shingles, which had failed in several areas. When we did so, we found that our suspicions were correct; water intrusion had led to rotten plywood. This meant that our next step was to remove and replace all compromised wood.

If water-damaged plywood is not replaced, it can lead to many serious problems. First, the structural strength of the roof is weakened. Also, the plywood often warps and sags, leading to visible variations in the roof's surface. Additionally, roofing nails do not hold as well in damaged plywood, so the shingles are at greater risk for failure and leakage. Finally, the plywood can become de-laminated, meaning the glued layers of wood no longer stick together, again leading to structural failure.

Once the wood was all structurally sound, we applied our normal roofing process:

  • Ice and water shield
  • Tar paper
  • Flashing
  • GAF Sovereign Shingles
  • Vented ridge-cap

For many years, this roof will be safe and sound during any kind of storm our Maryland climate brings its way!

Roof Replacement Project
Roof Repair
Roof Replacement
Roof Replacement
Roof Replacement Project

Additional Aspects of the Roofing Job

While we were up there, the homeowner took the opportunity to have gutter guards installed. Gutter guards have many benefits for your home:

  • No need to climb up and clean out gutters on a high roofline
  • Prevents backup and overflow, which can lead to roof damage
  • Helps to prevent ice dams, which can destroy shingles and cause leaks

Roofing and Exterior House Maintenance Services in Maryland

RoofPro is about more than just replacing shingles; we are dedicated to restoring the beauty and extending the life of your home. That's why we offer gutter services, window replacement, door installation, siding repair, deck construction, and of course, roofing services.

When you find yourself in need of exterior maintenance or roofing services in Maryland, or even if you just need a professional opinion about whether or not those services are necessary for you, RoofPro would be delighted to serve you. You can contact us online, or give us a call at (410) 428-6806.

If you are interested in more thoughts about roofing in Maryland during the winter, take a look at this previous article on our blog.

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