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Bay Window Age and the Likelihood of Leaks

 Roofpro Baltimore Bay Window Repair Leak

Just like any roofing component, a bay window always has a chance of leaking. There are many reasons why this can occur. At RoofPro, we’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to bay windows.

On average, a bay window installation can cost around $1,000, but the beauty and increased home value they provide are often desirable for homeowners. We understand this and can work with you to install a sound and beautiful bay window for your residence. We consistently use our expertise to provide the best bay window installation repair and services to our customers throughout the Baltimore area.

The Truth about Bay Windows

Even if you have been aggressive in completing the required roofing repairs and maintenance to your home, you may not have accounted for your bay window. The truth is that bay windows can be tricky to install and keep up if you are not familiar with the correct process.

If you go with a discount contractor to install your bay window, you may end up shelling out big bucks in the future for leaks, damage, and correct repairs. Bay windows require a complete home analysis from the foundation to the siding.

According to Home Advisor, bay windows have both good and bad points. Most of the positives are aesthetic and home value related. The cons range from hard to find window treatments, reduced privacy, and difficulties with energy efficiency. A discount contractor may not know the correct process. Don’t trust just anyone with this important project.

The Likelihood of Leaks

If you’re worried about a leaking bay window, the fear is legitimate. Home Advisor says that “poor installation can lead to serious problems. The windows used must be load-bearing, and you must be sure that your foundation isn’t prone to settling."

Before adding one of these attractive additions to your home, you should do a bit of research. Get the home’s foundation checked first. The last thing you want is a collapsing addition on your home. If you do not confirm the stability of your home’s foundation, the chances of a leak are substantial. Your foundation needs to be level and intact for a bay window to function properly.

Another reason to hire a professional contractor is the installation process. If your contractor uses incorrect materials during your installation, the installation will not be seamless. Any gaps between the window and the siding or roof will invite moisture.

If this is the case, a variety of new framing materials can be made to work seamlessly with your bay window. If you insist on a different material for your window, however, an experienced contractor can work around this with delicate flashing manipulation. RoofPro understands this complexity and is ready to install your bay window with the material that makes the most sense for your budget and requirements.

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An Aging Bay Window

Just like any other area of your home, the age of your bay window can play a big role in leak occurrence. We often see frail bay windows and roofing systems that are crumbling due to no fault of the homeowners. Aging materials cannot withstand continuous beatings from the elements. As with an aging roof, aging bay windows can cause leaks and costly damage.

Bay windows that have been in place for 15-20 years are likely to start crumbling due to poor construction. The window frame can start to fail and the wood can rot once it reaches an advanced age. The sun can also warp the bay window materials. Moisture is another common culprit.

In conclusion, there are a variety of reasons why your bay window may leak, but an aging addition is more prone to damage. Make sure that you are maintaining repairs and providing upgrades as necessary.

Signs of a Leak

There are many less-than-obvious signs of leaks in a bay window. Be sure to check your flashing. Flashing that is not seamlessly integrated onto your home allows moisture to seep through. If you notice any buckling in your flashing, call a professional to remedy the problem immediately.

Another way you can pinpoint a potential hazard in your bay window is excessive condensation on or around the windows themselves. If the windows have not been sealed properly, water can get inside and cause extensive damage. Not just any sealant on a bay window will do.

A professional contractor will understand the best practices and materials for preventing untimely moisture damage and leaks. If at any time you notice water spots on or near your bay window, this is a telltale sign that you have an active leak. It is important to make repairs to this as soon as possible so that it does not interfere with the siding or any other surrounding home material. Ignoring the damage can take a toll on your home and open the door to mold and pests.

Hire a Professional

Bay window roof repairs require an advanced level of knowledge to correctly complete. It’s easy to cut corners on a bay window roof and they often fall prey to faulty workmanship.

At RoofPro, we understand how to seamlessly repair or replace your bay window roof. We can also repair the work of any other contractor. If you’re unsatisfied with the outcome of your last home investment, we want to help. Give us a call today at 410-428-6806 to speak to one of our experienced customer service representatives. You can also request a free quote from us online and someone will be in touch with you shortly to discuss the project.

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