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Emergency Roof Tarps: Install Yourself or Call a Roofing Contractor

Roof Pro Emergency Roof Tarp

Has the unthinkable happened to your home, resulting in damage to your roofing system? Perhaps disaster has struck and you’re scrambling to save your property, or maybe you simply want to be prepared in case of an emergency. According to the Maryland Emergency Management Agency, floods, hurricanes, and winter storms all are common natural disasters. Marylanders need to be prepared.

If one of these disasters hits your home, you must be ready to get a tarp on your roof as soon as possible to save your home from further costly damage. Here’s a quick guide to thinking this issue through.

First Steps

If damage has happened to your home, you need to act fast in order to save your home from further damage. The longer the inside of your home is exposed to the elements, the higher the chances of irreparable damage being done to your belongings or the home itself.

Tarping your roof can be an extremely effective way to protect your property in an emergency. Be sure to consider the best way to deploy an emergency tarp. Your insurance company will also be concerned with protecting your home with a tarp, so it is important that you make a plan to place one as soon as possible. At RoofPRO, we offer safe and effective emergency tarping services for Howard County and the surrounding Maryland areas.

Installing Yourself

Tarping can be done on a do-it-yourself basis, but this option is not the safest option for everyone. Even the most physically fit individuals may have problems scaling their rooftop. If you prefer to deploy the emergency tarp yourself, you will need the correct supplies: a ladder, a tarp of the correct size, and a drill (at the very least). You tarp should extend past the damaged area by at least 3 inches.

Nevertheless, the actual installation of your tarp may prove difficult even if you do have the correct supplies. At RoofPRO, we do not suggest that you deploy the emergency tarp on your own. There are too many variables that may be difficult for the inexperienced, and you may end up doing more harm than good.

Call a Roofing Pro

Calling a professional to install your emergency tarp should be the first call you make after disaster strikes. A DIY job may not be sufficient depending on the extent of the damage.

The professionals at RoofPRO have been trained regarding how to save your home from additional disaster after the initial damage happens. We have all of the tools necessary to place your emergency tarp. Our professional roofers also have the ability to assess the damage to your property on the spot. The contractor you choose doesn’t just place the emergency tarp, they are also the first source of professional estimation that you may receive. We can inspect your roof and give you a damage estimate immediately. Having that estimate from our team will better prepare you to deal with your insurance company. The more prepared you are, the quicker your repairs can happen.

Hire Local

At RoofPRO, we are prepared to help you in any roofing emergency. We offer a wide variety of roofing services for our customers in Howard County and across Maryland. If you find yourself in an emergency roofing situation, contact us to start the damage assessment process. We can deploy an emergency tarp and get you on the right track to repair your home in a timely manner.

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