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Homeowners: Are You Seeking Maryland's Best Contractor?

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Since roofing projects can be costly and prone to issues, it's important that the homeowners take several details into consideration before signing a contract with a contractor nearby. Roofing must be taken quite seriously in order to receive service that is efficient, effective, and safe.

There are a variety of things to know before beginning your next roofing project. From being confident in your warranty to thoroughly understanding the costs and aspects of the project, it's important for homeowners to do their research before agreeing to hire any contractor for roof repair or replacement. When you choose a company like RoofPRO, we will walk you through all the important details.

Because living in Maryland means that you'll need to make considerations for the local climate, our team of contractors is trained to understand and implement exactly the right home exterior renovation. We've compiled this checklist of must-have knowledge that you can go over when you meet with any team members to be sure that you'll have a positive experience with your roofing team.

1. Know Your Contractor

Reviews, both good and bad, are a great way to get to know your contractor's values. Having a volume of 5 Star Reviews is impressive and can reassure you that the roofing company near you is capable of great work. When that is reflected in the positive experiences that customers share, it can set the bar for your own home plans. Even if there are a couple 1 or 2 star reviews, you can see how the company responds and turns around the original problem. Seeing a company with integrity that always strives to make a project right adds authenticity to all their public reviews.

You can also ask that they provide a list of references. It's vitally important that contractors are able to give you this list, as it will show that their work is quality and lasts. Happy customers are a great way to spread the word about someone's talent and professionalism when it comes to their roof repair service.

On the flip side, if a contractor has a history of unfinished work, unhappy clients, or simply unsuccessful roofing replacements, you'll know to stay far, far away. You won't find this among RoofPRO's reviews.

Another thing you'll want to do is make sure that your contractor is licensed and insured - and that they can provide proof of their certifications or permits necessary to do the job. In most cases, you'll be able to find a certificate of insurance in a contractor's proposal for your job. On the occasion that it isn't, be sure to get a copy of their policy and double-check any certifications they have.

Finally, if there are any necessary building permits, you'll want to have copies of those too!

2. Understand What You're Getting - And Have It In Writing

It's critical that you get a written estimate from your contractor. This estimate should be quite thorough, laying out the plan for the roofing project and what materials, time, and labor costs will be taken into consideration upon your final bill.

You should also be apprised of any guarantees or warranties available before your project starts. Many different contractors will offer warranty programs for their clients. Get these details in writing before your roofing contractor starts.

3. Know All The Details

Finally, you should be in communication with a project manager or roofing contractor who is onsite throughout your project. These managers will be able to guarantee that the project is coming along smoothly and that all team members are practicing the correct safety procedures. Further, a project manager can help you understand all of the details of your project so that you'll know how long your roof replacement (or other project) will take.

Tim Taylor

Tim Taylor

Tim Taylor started RoofPRO in 2003 after several years rising through the ranks in the roofing business. Tim leads a growing crew and brings them all together in the RoofPRO family. He's grateful that the team works together in many of the roles he has experienced. Because of all this, he appreciates having a group of employees that excel in each role and even bring in new levels of expertise.

Not only did he learn first hand through job experience, but as a homeowner with his wife of 10 years he appreciates the challenges faced when deciding who to hire for a project. He's raising three children in his home and will only consider experts to work on remodeling projects who are knowledgeable and provide the same high level of service as RoofPRO. All this has influenced how your RoofPRO team handles each project and clearly shows why our motto is "Roofing it Right the First Time."

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