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Homeowner's Guide to Roof Leak Repair

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One of the scariest things a homeowner can find is a leak. The experts at RoofPro know this feeling and want to help you through this seamingly hectic process. According to the Roofing Calculator website, a leaking roof can cost from $150 to $400 for minor leak repairs up to $3000 for major repairs (on average). The longer you’ve had a leak, the more it is going to cost to repair.

We hope you will use this guide as a roadmap to the roof leak repair process and that it will encourage you to reach out to our customer service team. Let’s walk through the steps to repairing leaks in one or more areas around your home.

Pinpointing a Leak

A leaky roof can happen due to the age of your roof, weather damage, or even ice dams. The variety of reasons why your roof is leaking can make locating the source of the leak very difficult to the untrained eye. A leak can be dramatic and appear as a consistent stream of water on the inside of your house. More commonly, however, they are not immediately noticeable.

You may start to see the signs of leaks from inside your home well before you see the water itself. These signs could appear in the form of mold. Mold inside of your home near the ceiling is a typical indicator of larger roofing issues. Another sign of leakage that you can notice from inside the home are water marks on the ceiling. If you notice patches of discoloration, it is important to get this inspected as soon as possible. A leak in the roof has to make it through several layers of material prior to dripping into your home. Water stains and marks will therefore be visible far earlier than when you first see moisture.

If you find water marks, you can do a simple maintenance trick from inside your home to help get the damage under control. Poking the worst part of the water stain with a screwdriver can make a pathway for the water to escape. This material is beyond repair anyway and providing this hole will keep the damage from expanding to the surrounding area. Grab a bucket once the hole is made. You’ll need to catch the excess water until contractors start the repair job.

The next step is to determine whether it is the roofing material or flashing at fault. Knowing this identifies the necessary solutions for your leak. Faulty installation, damage, and age are all factors to consider as the reason behind your leak. If your previous contractor cut corners on your roofing repair or replacement, you are more susceptible to leaks. Also, you may notice leaking in your roof after severe weather such as hurricanes, heavy snow, or hailstorms. Knowing the general area of your leak and why that leak began in the first place can help you figure out a game plan.

Emergency Tarping

When a storm hits, you will need to have an emergency tarping plan. The best thing to do is to act as quickly as possible. After a leak is detected, you want to take the necessary steps to prevent more damage to your roof and property inside of your home. Your insurance company will also want a tarp in place as soon as possible to lessen the leak’s impact. Some insurance companies require that the roof be tarped prior to conducting any damage inspection. Check with your insurance company for the specifics.

You can attempt to tarp yourself, but this can be dangerous and won’t be effective without the proper tools. We advise calling in a professional. At RoofPro, we offer 24/7 emergency tarping services to our customers throughout the Baltimore area with our Emergency Services Crew. If you require the Emergency Services Crew, call at (410) 428-6806 or text (443) 812-3782.

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Call a Professional

If you have a leak, you’ll most likely need help from a professional. DIY roof repair can be done, but it is never recommended. Roof repair can be dangerous for the inexperienced and DIY job could potentially cause more costly damage. We recommend a professional service, even if it is not through us. If your roof leak is managed appropriately, the best thing to do next is to get three repair estimates from reputable local companies. You can also check these estimates against Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value report. This is a trusted third-party source that allows you to compare the price you’ll pay across the region. Getting the necessary information from three contractors and comparing it to the Cost vs. Value report will help you to decide on a basic timeline and estimated cost. Choosing the best contractor for your roofing repair is a big step in ensuring that your home is safe for years to come.

Call Your Insurance Company

When you call a roofing contractor, you should also be in the process of calling your insurance company. Your insurance adjustor can be working concurrently with the contractor’s inspection. One step informs the other. You, the insurance company, and the roofing contractor can work together to expedite the repair process. Insurance companies also encourage beginning the repair process as quickly as possible, so taking these steps at the same time can help ease the strain of the situation.

Repair or Replacement?

A professional company can help walk you through repair or replacement. At RoofPro, we will never suggest a total replacement unless it is absolutely needed, but it may be necessary due to the age or extent of damage. Replacement could be the best option for your budget so that you are not continually fixing crumbling materials. If it has been close to or more than 10 years since your last total replacement, you are more likely to be recommended a replacement rather than a repair.

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Get Help Today

If you’ve found yourself in need of emergency roofing repair, we would love to help. As certified roofing contractors in the Baltimore and Howard County area, we understand how to approach a leaking roof in a secure and professional manner. Give us a call today to start the repair estimate process or complete our online service form to have someone reach out to you.

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