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How Acting Fast with a Leak Can Save You Money

 Baltimore Roofing Leak Repair Budget

As with any home repair, your roofing budget is important. According to Home Advisor, the average homeowner in the USA spends about $7,749 to install a new roof – and the price can go up to over $10,000. Usually when you notice that something is not working properly with your home, the quicker you can resolve the issue the better. At RoofPro, we urge you to always act fast when you notice a leak or other damage to your roofing system. When it comes to a leaking roof, hesitation is never a good idea.

Stop Damage in its Tracks

In most cases, a leak doesn’t simply happen overnight unless there’s been a weather event or other significant damage. Most leaks are caused by the breakdown of your roofing material over time. Once you’ve noticed a leak, the key is to pinpoint the source. The leak is most likely not contained to one area, but is the path of least resistance to the moisture seeping from the roof into your home. Your roofing system can be severely compromised before you ever notice water marks or leaks.

If you have seen your shingles raised or buckling, or materials falling off your roof, it is time to call in a professional. Containing the area of moisture is key to saving money. The longer the leak is left to do damage, the more expensive the repair will be. If you have a desire to keep costs as low as possible, early intervention is essential. Not only does damage extend when you wait, but roofing material costs go up every year.

At RoofPro, we offer free estimates to customers in Baltimore, Howard County, and the Washington Metro areas. This free service is in place to offer you an unbiased and professional opinion on roofing repair and replacement. Our professionals will guide you through the process by identifying the issues and providing you with clear photographs so that you can make the most informed decision about your repairs.

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Working with Insurance

We always suggest working quickly when submitting an insurance claim. If you notice a leak, you should deploy emergency tarping as soon as possible to avoid more damage to your home and property. The more damage you have, the more expensive it will be to repair. If you plan on filing an insurance claim, it is important to know that many insurance companies will not even begin the process until an emergency tarp is in place. Moving hastily in this step can save you money on costs and insurance premiums.

Financing Options

If you acted fast but were unable to save your wallet from disaster, RoofPro understands. There are many variables to factor in when it is time for roofing repair and replacement. Sometimes no matter how diligent you are about maintenance and timely repairs, the unthinkable can still happen. We offer fast and simple financing options to help alleviate the stress of unexpected repairs. Our financing process takes less than 20 minutes and is interest-free. We are backed by the services of several of the nation’s leading originators of renovation financing. This service can be used for both small and large projects, and typically costs $89/month. No down payment is necessary and we can get started on fixing your leaks in record time.

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How We Fix Your Leak

Whether you’ve known about your leak for a long time or this is an emergency, our professional roofing contractors are ready to help you get your home back in shape. We start the process with our thorough inspection and affix emergency tarps if needed. We will also discuss with you all of the material options and give you our opinion on what can suit your home and budget best. Once material and scope of work is determined, we will start work quickly. We only work with the best materials brands and most of these companies offer warranties of their own. Our company stands behind our material offerings and we work to bring you the best service and quality on the market. These repairs could include roofing materials, vents, soffits, flashing, and any other damaged roofing component. We will work with you until you are happy with the outcome.

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If you have leaks in your roof, act fast to save yourself the most money. Give us a call today to start the estimate process. You can reach us at 410-428-6806 or complete our online request form to have one of our customer service team members reach out to you. We take our work seriously and pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and service. Find out why we are the top-rated roofing specialists in the Baltimore and Washington Metro areas. Call us today.

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