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How Direct Sunlight Could Damage Your Roofing

 Roof Pro Direct Sunlight Damage

All roofs are exposed to sunlight, which means that every roof is susceptible to damage from heat and UV rays. While your roof is protecting you from the elements, it is often taking a beating. In Maryland, we see highs up into the low 90s during the summer months, so just imagine what years of sun exposure can do to your home.

Given the climate in our part of the country, it’s important to know the signs of damage so that you can prepare yourself for roofing repair and replacement.

Heat Damage

Your roof acts as a barrier by absorbing and containing heat so that it doesn’t seep into your home. In the summer months, your roof is working overtime to keep the inside of your home cool. As the temperature increases, the roofing materials will shift to accommodate the heat. This expanding and contracting alters the roofing tiles. Over time, this movement makes the materials loosen. You will start to see your roofing tiles and shingles lift from corners or start buckling. This is normal wear and tear, but you need to either be vigilant about checking for these signs of damage and/or schedule regular inspections with a certified roofing professional. At RoofPro, we know all about heat damage and can schedule inspections to avoid water damage and leaking caused by excessive heat.

UV Rays

UV rays are the invisible threat to your roof that many homeowners don’t often think about. These invisible rays are extremely dangerous to the integrity of your roofing material. UV rays threaten shingles, tiles, wood, and all other materials equally. Even when the sun isn’t shining on a cloudy day, your roof is still experiencing UV radiation exposure.

UV radiation changes the chemical makeup of your roof over time. This chemical change breaks down the molecules inside the roofing material and makes your roof brittle. The combination of heat exposure and UV rays wreak havoc on your roof and can be disastrous if not caught early.

Have a Sunlight Damage Prevention Plan

Nobody can prevent sunlight, but you can help prevent sunlight damage. One way to do so is by starting with a roofing material made to withstand heat and UV radiation. There are many UV-resistant options on the market that are ideal for homes in Maryland's South Atlantic climate. Cool and reflective roofing is often recommended for customers looking to prolong the lifespan of their roof and prevent direct sunlight damage. GAF and CertainTeed are nationally trusted roofing brands that carry lines specifically resistant to sunlight damage.

With or without UV-resistant roofing materials, you should schedule regular inspections. At RoofPro, we typically recommend an inspection every few years and can easily schedule these for you. We also recommend that you do not delay on any necessary roofing maintenance.

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At RoofPro, we offer roofing repair and replacement services to homeowners across Howard County, Baltimore, and the Washington metro areas. Give us a call today to schedule a free estimate and learn how our professionals tackle sunlight damage with professional materials and quality installation.

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