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How Do We Protect Your Lawn? Our Top Roofing and Landscaping Tips

 Roof Pro Protects Blades Of Grass In Maryland

You’ve spent time and money on your lawn, and you want your roof to have as much curb appeal as the landscaping. During a roof repair or replacement job, debris will be flying. So, how do we protect your lawn? The roofer protects landscaping in several ways, and below, we’ll offer our top roofing and landscaping tips to keep the topiaries in pristine shape.

What can you do to protect the landscaping?

Before our team of roofing pros heads out to your property, there are a few tips and tricks we can offer to keep the landscaping protected. If you have flower beds and rare seedlings about to germinate, you’ll want to take these steps to protect your landscaping features.

1. Assess the Property

Our roofers will need ample space to store and lay our equipment. Please take a look around the property before we arrive to find an adequate space to place our tools that’s also away from the landscaping features. Before work begins, we will discuss the best place to put our equipment that’s going to keep your lawn protected and our workers safe and able to work efficiently with the arrangement.

2. Store the Decor

Any decorations you have that you want to be protected should be removed and stored away before a roofing repair or installation job begins. There will be dust and debris around the edges of the home. So, it’s best to remove the decorations closest to the house.

3. Move the Furniture

Lawn furniture, deck chairs, grills, and trash bins should all be moved and stored away until the job is completed. Roofers will need to be able to move through your property free from obstructions. So, anything that can be moved should be. If this is a challenge for you, please ask your RoofPRO team for assistance.

Above: A full roof replacement with protective tarps over the landscaping and home facade.

How will the roofer protect landscaping?

When you’re looking for the best roofer in Maryland, you’ll expect the roofing crew to protect your landscaping from debris and damage while the work takes place. RoofPRO’s roofers are committed to doing a fantastic job for your roof repair or replacement. There are several precautions we will take to protect your lawn and garden.

1. Communication

We’ll discuss the best possible place to keep our equipment, so your lawns and gardens are protected.

2. Lay Cloths and Tarps

Your gardens will be covered with a protective cloth or a tarp to keep them free of dust and debris.

3. Remove with Precision

At RoofPRO, LLC, we’re committed to ensuring that your roof will be replaced with expert craftsmanship and industry expertise. That includes trimming back and carefully removing any overhanging branches, so they do not fall and damage the lawn while we’re at work. We’ll also remove any old roofing material and debris with precision.

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